Fees & Requirements for UAE 5 Years Tourist Visa - All Nationalities can apply

uae 5 year tourist visa

Good News for investors, entrepreneurs, individuals and families as HH Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid approved Multiple-entry tourist visa with validity of 5 years for all nationalities. Yes, it is true, the UAE Cabinet has approved and started issuing a multiple entry tourist visa for all nationalities.

Interested applicants can now directly apply online through ICA UAE or GDRFAD.

Link: Apply for 5 Years Visa Online

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai said the new scheme aims to "strengthen the UAE’s status as a global economic capital".

He had also announced a remote work visa that lets overseas remote working professionals reside in the UAE as they connect to work abroad virtually.

Sheikh Mohammed had said then that the first-of-its-kind visa is aimed at establishing the UAE as a major 'global tourism destination'.

The new visa schemes are the latest in a string of reforms announced recently to boost the economy and help investors, entrepreneurs, qualified individuals and families.

UAE Multi-Entry Tourist Visa:

·         The Multiple entry tourist visa will be issued for 5 years and does not need a guarantor.

·         For each entry, the visa holder can stay in the country for up to 90 days (3 months)

·         The Multiple entry tourist visa is also extendable for another 90 days.

·         This visa is open to all nationalities.

·          The visa holder can enter and exit the UAE as many times as needed.

5 Years Visa Fees:

The Multiple Entry 5 years tourist visa fees is around 3500 AED including 1000 AED warranty which is refundable, the rumours that says the visa is just for 650 AED is totally fake. Checkout fee schedule for long term visit multiple entry.

  1. Inside Country Fee 650 AED
  2. Service Fee 50 AED
  3. Warranty 1000 AED
  4. Warranty Service Fee 20 AED
  5. Health Insurance Fee 90 AED
  6. Urgent Service Fee 100 AED
  7. Application Fee 100 AED
  8. Issuance Fee 1400 AED
  9. Service Fee 15 AED
  10. Mvisa Fee 20 AED
  11. Warranty collection Fee 20 AED
  12. Innovation Fee 10 AED
  13. Warranty Refund Fee 20 AED
  14. Knowledge Fee 10 AED

5 Years Visa Requirements:

  1. Color Photo
  2. Passport Copy
  3. Medical Insurance
  4. Bank statement of last 6 months

Important: The bank statement must be attested and stamped by bank and show minimum balance of 4000 US Dollars or its equivalent in foreign currencies. 

UAE Remote work visa:

The remote work visa will be issued for 1 year which will allow professionals from all over the world to live and work remotely from the UAE even if their companies are based in another countries.

They can stay in the UAE under their own sponsorship. They can work in line with the "terms and conditions issued with the visa".

The Remote visa scheme offers entrepreneurs and professionals the opportunity to move to the UAE and experience its safe and attractive business environment, "with access to all the necessary services, including world-class utilities and telecoms".

It also enables employees to expand their digital skills and adapt to the emerging gig economy. It aims to enhance the work-life balance, boost productivity and improve the business environment.

UAE Normal Visit/Tourist Visa:

Apart from UAE multiple entry tourist visa for 5 Years, UAE also announced the normal visit and tourist visas after long suspension, so, both 30 days and 90 days visit/tourist visas are now opened to all nationalities, you can read requirements and fees details from this link.  

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