Check UAE Labour Card Online (Card+Contract)

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We are back with a guide with screenshots about How to check UAE Labour Card Online or How to check UAE Labour Contract online, through which you can check your visa details online in few minutes.

And it is true that checking things online in UAE is very easy, such as Checking UAE Visa Status online, electricity and gas bills, emirates ID status, medical result status, Traffic violation status, Bank statements and many more.

How to check UAE Labour card and Labour Contract Online:

Before proceeding to guide on UAE labour card online status, please keep in mind that UAE Labour Card and Emirates ID are two different cards which are issuing by different authorities and being used for different purposes.

Checkout the sample of both Cards in below Picture.

UAE Card samples

Download MOHRE App:
First thing you need to do is to download the official app of MOHRE (Ministry of Human Resources and Emiritaization from below link.

Labour Card Online status

Sign Up (Create Account):
If you have downloaded the app, open it and click on Sign Up Button to create free account in UAE official ministry website to use and manage its service.

UAE Labor Card

Create Employee Account:
After clicking on sign up button, you will have 3 options to choose, we will use the first option which is Employee, please use this option only if you are working in UAE private sector as you cannot use this service if you are working in UAE Government of Free zone company.

UAE Labor card online status website

Step 1:
Employee registration on MOHRE UAE app begin here, write your valid passport number in the box, select your nationality from the drop down list and write down your date of birth.

Labor Card online status UAE

Step 2:
In-order to register on MOHRE UAE app, you will need to create a username and password by using your email address and mobile number.
Please keep in mind that both email address and mobile number should be active as after completing registration process, an activation link on email and an activation code on sms will be sent to you.
Verification of both, activation link and activation code are necessary to use MOHRE services.

UAE Labor Law 2019

Step 3:
Choose your security questions, write their answers and click next.

Ministry of Labour Security questions

Step 4:
Read out full privacy policy, terms and condition of using this app, click I agree and click on next to complete the second last step.

MOHRE Privacy policy

Step 5:
Write down your mobile number and email address for the verification purpose, click on send OTP (One Time Password) to complete the last step.

download uae labour card online

Step 6:
Open your Email and Mobile number for the activation link and code, write down the activation code in step 6 window bar, and click on Click here button in mail from MOHRE.

UAE Labor Email

If you have completed the activation process, we would like to congratulate you as you can now sign in to MOHRE app and can easily access to its services.

Login to MOHRE app:
Write down the created user name and password and click on Login.

how to sign in on mohre app

Answer Security Question:
Type answer of your selected question and click on submit button.

Visa status uae online

Employee Dashboard:
Once you have answered security question and signed in, you will see your own photo as an employee which you attached with visa documents, your full name along with person code will be shown to you.

uae visa documents check online

How to Check my UAE Labour Card Online:
After successful registration and sign in process, you can access to below things by clicking on My Dashboard:

1: Your Labour Card.
2: Your Labour Contract (all 7 pages, signed by you and your sponsor)
3: Your Passport Copy.
4: Your Company details.
5: Labour Card issue and expiry dates.
6: Your details including your personal code, Profession in Visa and much more.

Check UAE Labor contract online

Useful Tip:
You can easily download electronic copy of your Labour Card and Contract in-order to use it in legal cases.

MOHRE Contract checking online, uae online contract check, uae contract check online

Check UAE Labor Card sample online

How to Check UAE Visa Status Online:
We have another informative and useful guide on our blog about UAE visa status online, if you are interested to check your visa status online, click on below links.

We are ending this helpful guide with hope that you will appreciate our effort and will share this with your friends, colleagues and family members, if you have any question about checking UAE Labour Card online or Check UAE labour Contract Online, feel free to write your query in comment box, we will answer you as soon as possible.


  1. Replies
    1. Please wish to ask, where is the nearest labour office located while living at Dubai investment park DIP -2?

    2. Almost three weeks now my visa hasn't been cancel. Please what is the problem wish to know.

  2. Two days passed, my visa has not been canceled.
    Electronic Cancellation
    Check me what problem

  3. My boss speak You are in complaint that this visa has not been canceled yourIs it true please check me

    1. Yes if you have labour cases running in court you can not cancel your visa until the final judgment

  4. This Post is very informative, i have managed to get my Labour Card through your mention guide.
    Thank You

  5. I was in UAE last month(on visit visa) and I did a 2 year employment contract with a company,now that company is not sending me the visa what can I do ?
    And how can I check my contract ?

    1. by following above showed practice, or send us your passport details, we will check you visa status online.
      Thank You

    2. I have a friend in the same situation her passport namber is b1614820 she is Ugandan, date of birth is 23/02/1996
      Passport issued on 12th/03/2018 expires 10 years

  6. Pls sir I wish to find this I have being working in uae for almost three years now I completed my first an during the second contract when I was about to sign my boss told me everything has being completed two months later I ask him to give me the new id card he kept telling me that is not yet out so six months later when I was about to go on vacation I ask him to give me the new id card cus I cannot be walking around in dubai without a valid I'd card to my greated surprise he gave me my passport thats when I discover that my visa was not stamp so now I want to cancel in three months time I when I most have completed one years cus am livx illegally which am finding it difficult in case of any emergency in my home town which i will not able to exit an come so in case I cancel an the don't give my benefits as per uae labor law can I take them to court an if the have to pay my benefits how much will the pay pls help me thanks

  7. Hi I'm Kelly I was depot from uae because I could not get my personal 🆔 and I want to come back again and work in uae is that possible

  8. Hi!I'm Julieta i just want to know my residence passport no.Ec22634755.

  9. How can I obtain copy of my labor card from my previous company?Can I access it online as well?

  10. How can I obtain copy of my labor card from my previous company?Can I access it online as well?

  11. How to check and verify if the company applied already the offer letter and Contract? The situation is, the employer told that wait for 20 to 25 days for the offer letter from the ministry and it was applied already. But until now (22 days passed) no feedback from the employer about the status and when it called to HR always telling that on process. Can you help me in this regards. How I can check if it is applied or not (Status). Thank you.

  12. Name: Samuel yasi mboh, passport number: 0509665, date of birth: 24/03/1990.Over 14months of services done with my company,alongside a month of notification done for resignation, I don't understand why they keep waiting my time telling me it's takes time for cancellation to be done and with that no paying my salary for the previous month and the month for the noticed period which I completed.
    Of which I gave my reasons for resigning as well to them as well. Please what should I do, need your help.
    You can reply me on
    Thanks and regards

  13. Please wish to ask, where is the nearest labour office located while living at Dubai investment park

    My company is trying to frustrate me after 16-months of service with them, got a better career but still they are wasting my time of wish I was supposed to have start with my new career. Please I need a reply..

  14. Please I wish to ask, where is the nearest labour office located while living at Dubai investment park DIP -2?
    My company is trying to frustrate me after 16-months of service with them,I got a new career, done with a month of notification, no salary paid to me for the past 2-months now.
    Wasting my time, keeping me in hunger here in Dubai, of which I was supposed to have start with my new career. Please, what should I do?

  15. how to check if my labour card and work permit is cancelled already!?

  16. thank you. Very helpful guide!

  17. Hi how to check labour card cancel or not cancel my passport number is M1548433 PLZ check and inform me
    Thank you....

  18. Tried to sign up as employee but when entering passport number, its not working.

  19. Tried to enter passport number but its not working

  20. Sir I want to see my labour contract online they want person code what is person code

  21. Hi there! Requesting for your assistance please. I tried to sign up as an employee, however, upon entering all the passport number and all necessary details, there was a prompt of employee doesn't exist. It is not working. Help please!

  22. i mistakenly inputed a wrong email how can i change it


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