How do I know if there is a travel ban or case against me in the UAE?

Knowing whether you have a travel ban or criminal/financial case against you in the UAE can be very daunting; especially if you are looking to travel relatively soon.

If you do have a case against you; you will not be allowed to enter the country when you go through the immigration desk at the airport. The likelihood is that they will send you on the next flight back home; therefore, in order to avoid this serious issue; check your status before you leave for the UAE!


How to check if there is a case against you?


Since 2019, it has become very easy to check if there is a travel ban or criminal case against you.

  • Dubai police offer a service whereby you go to their website (or download the app);
  • Enter your Emirates ID number and telephone number registered with your ID.
  • Scroll down and click on the tab for “Criminal Status for Financial Cases”. 

Here you will find all the information you need wherever you are in the world and safeguard yourself before you travel. 

If you find out that you do have a travel ban or another financial case; you will need to instruct a lawyer and give them Power of Attorney to deal with the case for you. Regardless of whether you are abroad or in the UAE you will need to give POA to your lawyer.


Abu Dhabi

If you are a resident of Abu Dhabi, you are also able to check whether there is a travel ban or case against you via the judicial department’s online service called 'Estafser'. This allows residents of Abu Dhabi to check whether there is any case against them by showing if they are requested by the Public Prosecution for any claims against them. In order to use this service; residents in Abu Dhabi must register with their ID and telephone number. 


What else should I be aware of before I travel?

  • Check your passport is valid, there should be a minimum of six months left until the expiry of your current passport otherwise you may be refused entry into the UAE. This is a common mistake to make; check before you leave!
  • Check your passport is machine readable and that it is not damaged in anyway. Children are not able to use the machine readers and must go through the immigration desks with their families.
  • It is also pertinent to check the visa requirement prior to travelling to the UAE as the requirement for each country is different.
  • When travelling out of the UAE, also check for any travel warnings issued by the UAE's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. There will be a list of countries deemed unsafe to travel; especially with the current COVID-19 situation.
  • When entering the UAE, be mindful of local customs, traditions and laws. The UAE is an Islamic country and western rules, and practices are not applicable here for many things.
  • Dress modestly in public.
  • Be mindful of public displays of affection and laws around consumption of alcohol- even though laws regarding alcohol have recently been amended. 


Not knowing the law after having committed a crime is not a suitable defence and you may be fined or jailed for your purported ignorance.

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