Rules for Housemaid Visa in UAE as Per Labour Law

Rights of UAE Domestic workers, Domestic workers contract copy

Rules for housemaid visa in UAE:

Do you know when a domestic worker wanted to get employment visa he/she should get a copy of contract which cover Domestic helper insurance policy of 20,000 AED?

This contract should be given to all old domestic workers upon renewal of their contracts, simply who is already working in UAE will also get the copy of contract.

What includes in Domestic Workers Contract:

This contract covers 2 things under below benefits:

A: Insured: Domestic Worker
1: Unpaid End of Service Benefits
2: Unpaid Salaries
3: Unpaid cost of Return Air Ticket to homeland
4: Unpaid Repatriation of mortal remains
5: Unpaid Work related Injuries
6: Gratuity (only if you have New TADBEER Contract from MOHRE)

B: Insured: If TADBEER is the Hiring Employer:
Reimbursement (return) visa cost in the event of
1: Domestic worker absconds or dies
2: Domestic worker failed medical test
3: Cancellation of work permit by domestic worker

Domestic Helper Insurance Coverage Limit:

AED 20,000 any one claim and in the aggregate during the coverage period.

How many Professions are coming under Domestic Workers?

The new list of professions under the domestic helpers or domestic workers include are: (only for households, not companies)

1: Housemaids
2: Private sailor
3: Watchman and security guard
4: Household shepherd
5: Family chauffeur
6: Household horse groomer
7: Household falcon care taker
8: Trainer
9: Housekeeper
10: Private Coach
11: Private teacher
12: Babysitter
13: Household farmer
14: Private Nurse
15: Private PRO
16: Private agriculture engineer
17: Private Teacher
18: Drivers

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Domestic Worker Contract Sample: 

Domestic worker contract, rules for housemaid visa in uae

Demand it from your Employer:

As stated above this contract contain important things such as unpaid wages, domestic worker's end of service benefits, vacation allowance, return air ticket to home country, health insurance, health injuries, overtime allowance if not paid by the employer.

So, it is your right to keep the copy of your contract with you, if not yet provided to you ask for it from your employer, agency or TADBEER center by dialing their hotline.

Employer refused to provide?
If your employer, agency refused to give you the copy of your contract, don't worry, call direct to Immigration hotline and register complaint.

Abu Dhabi Immigration: 8005000
Dubai Immigration: 8005111

Tadbeer centers are newly launched government offices that provide domestic workers services to families and businesses under the ministry’s reduced set rates.

What are the Services of TADBEER Centers?
TADBEER Centers provide below services to all International domestic workers and the households employing them:

1: Helping to take interviews between domestic workers and employers.
2: Helping with issuing visas, Emirates IDs, Medical examination and tickets and easy transfer of sponsorship.
3: Facilitating (helping) employers in getting health insurance for their domestic workers.
4: Give training to domestic workers to make sure that they have the required skill sets, letting them know about UAE Traditions.
5: Transportation will be provided by TADBEER to all domestic workers to take them from airport to the homes of their employers (sponsors).

To Contact Tadbeer Center: 04-706-0111

To know more about TADBEER, Click Here

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Apply Insurance through TASHEEL, TADBEER Service Centers:
The insurance document will be issued upon submitting applications through either Tasheel or Tadbeer service centres.

Insurance documents for domestic workers registered with MOHRE (ministry) will be issued through an insurance corporation that includes national insurance companies operating across UAE, which have been chosen according to specific criteria.

Guide about Rules for Housemaid visa in UAE as per UAE Labour Law including health insurance for domestic workers ended here, have questions? ask in comment box, will reply as soon as possible.


  1. Im a housemaid 1year now here in abu dhabi, i want to ask about my insurance.. Daman.. Already expired. U got sick and need to go hospital for check up but my employer dont give me a money.. All i pay with my own money in check up and medicine.

    1. If you are registered under NEW TADBEER Contract or Domestic worker Insurance Policy, you must entitled for all benefits, please contact TADBEER center or your agency and ask for your contract, if it is written in contract, you can complaint against your employer.
      Thank You

    2. hi good evening,, sir/ma'am, asking for help,because how many times i ask my employer and also my agncy abt my contract,, still not giving me, now dis coming october im 1yr here still not giving copy of my contract, even i ask my employer to bring me in embassy so.i can get a copy also at the same time i can get/fix other docs. like my benefits sss/pagibig/philhealt,, but my employer refuse to bring me in embassy, she said she will bring me once my contract is finish. so i need wait more 1yr bfore i can get a copy of my contract.. and also they keeping my passport,,, i have other complain also abt food working hour etc.. how can i register to complaints againts employer?! pls. help. appreciate it. thankyou

  2. My wife been working in abu dhabi for a year and half, without day off, start working at 7am till 12 midnight, besides the employer keep her passport, and she doesnt have a copy of contract.

    1. She can demand the copy of her contract from agency or Ministry of Labour, Tadbeer center, for any violation of Labour law, she need to register a complaint against employer

  3. HiSir&Madam,im only visit visa here then i apply from Agency as a housmaid i don't have any sign contract from the agency just only change status from my imployer,then they get my passport,my visa,even my western Union 🆔 they get from me i dont have day off i work 13-14 a day no rest.but the of workers of UAE all workers have day off ones a week private and public sector... Pls help me...Godbless

    1. Incase you are facint any violation of Labour Law by your employer, YOU need to contact Official Ministry Department or TADBEER center to register complaint.

  4. I am 7 years employed as a housemaid to an expat family. After few years they are going back to their country for good, my question is: Am i eligible for a gratuity or an end of service benefits?

  5. Im 7 years working in an expat family and they are going back for good to their home country. Am i entitled for a gratuity or end of service benifits?

  6. Just helping a friend.she us one yr in her local family and doesn't want to continue cause of unsafety fellow but rmploemp refused to let her go home or give cancelation papers..and she doesn't sign her contract yet ...what should we do thanks

  7. Hi!It's my first time to work as a housemaid here in AL AIN,UAE.. i have read the benefits given for domestic work. How would i know if i am a registered member of NEW TADBEER CONTRACT?? Is there any online website to check it using our passport? Working here for a month now. Your help and reply really appreciated .thank u!!

  8. Good day Madam/Sir,
    I would to ask about the 30 days paid annual leave against the whole term of contract. I’ve been here since 2011 but unfortunately my employer never give me those kind of benefits. And even he did not give me the copy of domestic employment contract. Since my visa will be finish by this month, can I claim those kind of benefits or should I ask him to pay for that 30 days annual leave? Please I need your advise. Thank you

    1. same problem here. been working for 5yrs without vacation but my employer never give me my supposed to be money for that paid vacation and knowing it is written in the contract.

  9. I work as a servant to a local family. Been there for 4 years and recently renewed contract but had to go back philippines for a mother who is sick. If i wont wo able to return after 6 months, what will happen to my status in uae?

  10. gd afternoon my cousin is working for 6 years as domestic helpers, my question is she can avial a gratuity for here 6 years servive in here employeer

  11. good afternoon i have question, my cousin is working as domestic helper here in dubai, she finish already yesterday, but here employeer asking here passport and EID original, for now she did not give, because she want here gratuity for 6 years service, but employeer refuse to give,, domestic helper is in tittle for gratuity benifits???

  12. Regarding house maid visa.
    Must be through by TADBEER?

  13. Good day i am working as a domestic helper for 5yrs with an egyptian family. no off day and they also refused to send me for yearly vacation. Do i have rights to claim for my yearly 30days paid vacation cos as far as i know it is written in the the contract. And my contract is already finished since 7th of april but she refused to send me home cos she still owe me 5 mknths and a half of my salary. i told her since january that i. going home and not renewing contract anymore. and lastly am i entittled for an end of service gratuity?

  14. hello i want too know if i have gratuity i work for 6years in my employer i finish now august.

  15. Hi,we are in tadbeer fujairah right now is it right for the agency to keep our passport and tourist visa with them while they find us a employer. And they lock us in a accomodation.. And they are selling us to employer worth 14000 aed.

  16. Hello , We have a housemaid with us in Abu Dhabi and we had renewed her visa recently(july) . Now my husband's company has asked to cancel our residence visas including our maid visa and get a new visa from Dubai as his project is now under a different company . Is there a possibility to get a transfer of the money paid to the immigration for her visa (AED5500)


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