Learn Arabic in UAE with basic Arabic Words

Learn Arabic in UAE, Basic Arabic, Arabic Language, basic arabic words for begginers

Expats living in Arab countries really want to learn Arabic; if not full at least they want to learn basic Arabic in-order to communicate better with Arab people in Arabic language.

If you want to speak basic Arabic language, read/download below Arabic lessons.

Arabic Alphabet:

Before proceeding to learn Arabic through PDF, we want you to check out the introduction of Arabic alphabets which will definitely help in learning basic Arabic words for beginners.

1: Arabic is read from right to left
2: There are 29 letters in the Arabic alphabet
3: No capital letters versus small letters in Arabic words.

All 29 Arabic alphabets are shown below:
Learn Arabic, Arabic alphabets

Arabic Conversation:

Below PDF contain the basic Arabic language words which we normally use in our daily life as a general conversation such as greetings, expressions or idiom etc.

Arabic Grammar:

To improve and learn Arabic language better, you need to memorize below adjectives and adverbs of Arabic language.

Arabic Numbers in English:

Try to memorize below Arabic numbers as many as you can, because you are going to take benefit of it during Arabic counting.

Body Parts in Arabic:

In-order to interact with doctor, fitness coach or Arab shopkeeper etc, you need to identify your different body parts in Arabic, check out below PDF file for the list of human body parts in Arabic.

Animal Names in Arabic:

We all have mostly heard the word “haywan” in our Arab day life, the meaning of that word is animal; sometimes it used for fun but sometimes to show that you are angry, let’s learn the names of different types of animals in Arabic.

Names of Family Members in Arabic:

If you are in a relationship with Arab family, been invited to a Middle Eastern home for dinner or working with a family as a domestic worker such as housemaid, driver, cleaner, cook etc you need to learn Arabic names of such family members in-order to take care of each and every person as per his/her relationship to the family.

Profession (occupation) in Arabic:

What if someone asks you about your profession name in Arabic, do you know your occupation? If not, this last Arabic learning guide is for you, it will help you and will boost your confidence to ask and reply people about basic information of your job and many other things about occupations.

We are ending our Learn Arabic guide with basic Arabic words for beginners here with hope that you people will appreciate our work and will tell others to come and learn Arabic online free here on our blog.


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