Visit and Tourist Visas now 100% open | Check New Visa Cost and Requirements


Big Breaking News: After a long suspension and age restriction issues, UAE Tourist visas (30 – 90 days) are now open to all nationalities. This is confirmed by NCEMAUAE. Not only Dubai but people who wish to apply visas in other emirates can now also get visit visa approvals.

The GDRFA-Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah has started issuing visit/tourist visas for 30 days and 90 days; the approval time is 2-3 days. Amer center, Etihad airways, Sharjah immigration and many visa agents confirmed this.

Covid-19 Vaccinated passengers from almost all countries can apply for tourist visas and can enter UAE.  

No Age Restrictions:

Earlier in December, Visas being issued only to females and those having age more than 30 or 35, but now many travel and tour agents including Etihad airways, Emirates Airline, Sharjah immigration has confirmed that they have received approvals of visit and tourist visas from GDRFA, Abu Dhabi immigration for people having age less than 30.

Requirements for Visit/Tourist Visa:

Amer center, which manage visa related issues in Dubai said that tourist visas were being issued for people outside UAE under below terms.

  1. Application form.
  2. Tourist will need to be vaccinated with one of the WHO-approved vaccines.
  3. Tourists visas are also open for passengers from where travel was previously restricted including Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal etc.
  4. Passengers arriving on Tourist visas need to take RAPID PCR Test.

What are the approved vaccines in UAE?

1.       Sinopharm

2.       Pfizer-BioNTech

3.       Sputnik (Jamaleya)

4.       3 Oxford AstraZeneca

5.       Johnson & Johnson (Janssen)

6.       Moderna

7.       Gamaleya (Sputnik V)

8.       Sinovac (CoronaVac)

Note that only apply for visit/tourist visa if regular schedule flights between your country of origin and UAE are open. If your country flights are not yet opened, please wait and do not apply.

Required Document:

·       Passport copy + National ID
·       White background photo
·       Vaccine Certificate

Note: if someone you know is applying for your tourist visa from inside UAE, he/she may be asked to submit his/her passport and resident visa copy too.

Visit/Tourist Visa Cost:
Below are the visit or tourist visa prices which may slightly vary from one travel agency to another, so before applying, check the price with more than 1 travel agent.

·       30 Days Visa: 380 - 450 AED 
·       90 Days Visa: 800 - 900 AED

Do I need GDRFA or ICA Approval?
No, those who wish to visit Dubai on new tourist visa will not be asked to apply for GDRFA or ICA Entry permit because it is directly issued by GDRFA Dubai that means the traveler is already in record and is allowed to travel.

Important Points:

·       Return air ticket is must.
·       COVID-19 vaccine certificate is must.
·       Hotel booking is must.

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  1. Now Uae to much headache and stressed the government lied the people about the visa,people are terminated from their jobs.Am talking to those who came here to look for green pastures.
    Most airport are still closed and i remind the government to sit again and change this law.

  2. After visit visa granted in July end 2020,Is new family visa issued for bringing family to UAE now?

  3. Replies
    1. 899aed only , you can send me whatsapp 0558477902
      Genesis travel and Tours

  4. Is their any news about nigeria tourist visa?

  5. Is their any news about nigeria tourist visa?

  6. Hi.Salam to all!, if I come dubai as a visit visa, need a sponsor from family or no and how much their salary they can bring there family plsss somebody can answer my question plss thank you and god bless to all.

  7. 5 yrs multiple entry visit visa charges


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