UAE Visas Extended till 31 December 2020, Check Your Visa Expiry Date Online in 2 Minutes

A Big Breaking News for Everyone, UAE announced yesterday that all visas, entry permits and Emirates ID cards (After March 1) to stay valid until the end of 2020 and they implement it today. Check yours now through below link.

Yes you heard it right, all Visas expired on and after March 1 has been extended and allowed to stay in the country legally without any fine until December 2020, you can confirm it through UAE visa checking official website.

Visas extension types including Residence visas, Entry Permits and Visit or Tourist Visas.

How to Check Your Visa Status:
Follow below simple steps, Expats with visa issued by any Emirates can check their visa status and visit or tourist visa validity through below linked ICA official website

1.    Visit above mentioned website
2.     Select passport in search by and visa in select the type.
3.     Enter your passport number
4.     Write passport expiry date
5.     Choose nationality
6.     I’m not a robot
7.     Search

You will get status of your visa once you clicked the search button, the main and important point which we want you to note down is the expiry date of your visa, ICA has extended all visas to 31/12/2020 with status of USED.

Link: Check Visit Visa Status

Note: If you are facing trouble to check your visa status, read this step by step guide which include all other types of visa status such as cancellation status, overstay status etc.

At the End let us all say, Thank You UAE, Please share this good news with everyone in and out UAE, let’s bring smile on distress people in this hard time. Sharing is caring.

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  1. I can not open the link any way if holding also a resident visa and I was in phillipine but my visa get expired so soon and I don't have choice to stay due to lock down..i just want to ask if my visa was include to extend even out of in the uae???

  2. Good day ma'am /sir.. i have no job,where can i get help ma'am/sir right now im running out of food and money..i now its rude to ask for money but right now i really need help..i will just swalow my pride.thank you and godbless.


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