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UAE Salaries in 2017 (Salary Guide)

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Salaries in UAE vary widely depending on employee nationality, UAE experience, skills, Educational Qualification, some time employee history and work background.
First of all Let us clear that Federal Law of United Arab Emirates does not have the provision for minimum or maximum salaries. You will take what you have signed in Labour Contract.
But in case of Termination or Cancellation, you will required minimum salary for New Contract to avoid Ban,

Click Here to check the List of Minimum Salaries and Profession Categories.

Note: Writing good amount of salary in Ministry of Labour contract will help you at the end of service gratuity pay.

To check and calculate Gratuity Online, Click Here

As per the Latest Research and study conducted by world popular organizations and businesses in Middle East, salaries in UAE especially in Emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi are likely to increase 4.6 Percent in 2017.
The increment rate for UAE in the past 2 years has been an average of 4.0 percent; however, there has been an increase in the pay for employees across all industry sectors.

General Labours: (Un-skilled Labours)
Labourers from Asian Subcontinents including Pakistan, India, Philippines, Indonesia and Bangladesh are the Lowest paid workers in UAE. They are working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week with salaries starting from 600 AED to 1500 AED (maximum) per month including overtime.

Housemaids, Nannies: (Un-skilled Labours)
Lady workers mostly from Philippines, Indonesia working as Housemaids, Nannies, Cleaners, Gardeners, Drivers and Security Guards are under Category 4 and 5 are the second lowest paid workers in United Arab Emirates.
Salaries for Housemaids are set or mentioned by their respective governments of the country the come from it. As per our Experience Below were the basic salaries in Dirhams for Housemaids, Nannies and other home/villa workers, hope it will increase in 2017.

Sri Lanka
1400 - 2000
1000 – 1400
600 – 850

650 - 950
1000 – 1200

As per our Experience and research, 75% of Drivers not only in UAE but in all Gulf Countries are Pakistani Nationals.
They are hardworking drivers with good driving skills holding different license categories and are earning 2000 – 3000 AED per month for 8 – 12 hours a day with Friday off.
Indians particularly Singh’s (Sikhs) and Syrian are the most experienced drivers in UAE for Driving Heavy Vehicles such as Containers, Trailer Truck,  Buses and other heavy Machineries.

Receptionist, Secretaries, Service Sectors: (Skilled Labours)
Jobs in service sectors, Receptionist, Secretaries are the 3rd Low paid workers in United Arab Emirates. Majority of employees working on these positions are from Asia and mostly from Philippines.
Few of them are satisfied when upgraded to HR Assistant or personal Assistant to General Manger/Boss of large company, as they are getting attractive salaries that worth 2500 – 3500 AED with other benefits.

Middle Management, Supervisors: (Skilled Labours)
Managers and Supervisors for Shops, office, Showrooms or small companies with 30 to 40 workers are earning above 5000 AED.
They are mostly native Arabs or Asians including Indians, Pakistanis and Philippines nationals.

Category 1 skilled workers:
Salaries for Category 1 workers including Teaching staff, Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Directors, Senior Management and CEO are vary depending on Nationality and Experience, however salaries in Public sectors starting from minimum 5000 AED to 30000 AED or above.

Writing each and every profession details will take time to write and to read as-well, so we have decided to create a Table of average salaries for 2017.
Below Salary list is based on our own Experience:

Job Title ( Profession Name)
Monthly Salary (AED)
Reception / Secretarial
2000 – 3500
General Labors (Helpers)
600 – 1500
Drivers / Delivery / Courier
2500 – 3500
Beauty Saloon / Fitness / Fashion
2000 – 5000
Housemaids, Nannies
1200 – 3000
Facilities / Maintenance / Repairing
3000 - 5000
Food / Tourism / Catering / hospitality
2500 - 10000
3500 – 20,000
Custom Clearance / Documentation
3500 – 10000
IT (Asian and Arab Nationalities)
3000 -  8000
IT (International firms) (western workers)
10000 – 50,000
Office Manager / Supervisor
7000 – 10000
Airline Pilot (Captain)
30,000 – 50,000
Business Development Manager
10,000 – 35,000
Bar Manager
5000 – 10000
Cabin Crew
10,000 – 15,000
25,000 – 50,000
Civil Engineer
10,000 – 25,000
Mechanical Engineer
10,000 – 25,000
Software Engineer
10,000 – 20000
Executive Assistant
5,000 – 10,000
Interior Designer
17,000 – 65,000
Kindergarten Supervisor (western)
12,000 – 20,000
Marketing Manager
11,000 – 34,000
Nursery School Teacher
2000 – 10,000
Operations Manager
13, 000 - 40,000
Personal Assistant
2000 – 5000
Project Manager
12,000 – 35,000
Project Architect
20,000 – 30,000
Research Assistant
8000 – 12,000
Commercial sales
5000 – 25,000
Sales Assistant in shops
2,000 – 35,00
School Principal (Asian, Pak/India )
7000 – 15,000
School Principal (International school)
25,000 – 45,000
Emirati Government School Teacher
24,000 – 34,000
University Teacher
10,000 – 30,000
Government / Defense / Air Force / Army
50000 - 70000

Admin Advice

Check below thins before Signing Contract:
Below are the basic items that every employee should ask from the company, sponsor or Employer before signing Labour contract. Few are not required but can and should be discussed to avoid future issues:

1: Basic Salary
2: 30 Days annual leave with Pay
3: Medical Insurance (must for Dubai visa holders from December 2016)
4: Gratuity Pay at the end of Service
5: Return Flight ticket or fare to home country
6: Accommodation
7: Food Allowances
8: Transportation
9: Contract Type (Limited or Unlimited)
10: Vehicle or Mobile phone Expenses

Admin Request:
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  1. If a Engineer wants to resign in a probation period working in a limited contract, wat all the consequences he will face?
    If there's a 1 yr ban, how to lift?
    can he join any Freezones company with a Company ban?

    Appreciate your reply

    1. Good Evening Anonymous, We appreciate too
      Please note that if you are working under an unlimited period of contract, you may terminate your employment contract on a prior notice of 30 days. To avoid Ban and to get a new job legally in UAE you have to Inform Employer.
      This is in accordance with Article 117 of the Labour Law which states: "Both the employer and the worker may terminate a contract of employment of unlimited duration for a valid reason at any time following its conclusion by giving the other party notice in writing at least 30 days before the termination."
      In case you didn't your employer may impose a ban on you due to your less than one year employment.

      To avoid that Ban, you need to meet the Requirements, Please comment on our Facebook Page post to get Link of Article regarding "How to Remove Ban".
      Thank You for Contacting us.

  2. Well, thank you for your reply.

    U have explained all about the Unlimited contract. But the question was for Limited contract.

    1. Employee with a skill level 1 can resign during probation in a limited Period.?
    2. Will Employee have a ban from the employer.
    3. Can the employee gets a Free zone Visa with a labour ban?
    4. How to uplift the labour ban of limited contract?

    Look forward your reply

  3. Which category for security guards?

  4. HI good day... I'm a waiter here in Abu dhabi my salary now is 1400 free all except the airplane ticket.. I will renew my visa on march 2017 I just want to know that if I renew my company give me the 2500 basic salary or not? And if I apply to another company I am thinking if how much salary that they give me?

  5. Hi good day, iam a office boy here in abudhabi i serve my company for 1 yr and 3months under 2yrs unlimited contract can i ask if it possible if i could change my job and accept some offer from different company, will my employer has the right to banned me? And can i get banned also in Ministry of labor, hoping for your response this will help me a lot..

  6. HI, Im an Interior designer. I got a job here in Abu Dhabi as an Personal DEsigner for an Emirati Natinal. I found out that I have a Farmer Visa. My employer said that they will change it after 3 months when they will open a new company. Now, I have worked here for a year and I what to resign and look for another job. Will I get a Ban? If yes, How can I lift it? Thanks

  7. Hi, Im an Interior Designer. I got a job here in Abu Dhabi as a Personal Designer for an Emirati Family. The problem is, what is written in my visa is I got FARMER visa. My employer said that they change it after 3 months when they open a new company. This coming February is my first year of working here, but until now they haven't changed it. I want to resign and look for another job. Will I get banned? How can I lift it if Yes?

  8. I am on a limited term contract. How can my employer and I mutually agree to terminate my contract? Do I need to provide an agreement together with my resignation letter? Or once my resignation letter was signed by my employer, does that mean we mutually agreed? Which means I will not face any ban.

  9. Hi Sir how Are You

    Sir My Name is Shahzaib From Pakistan Sialkot
    Sir I Am travels Agent Sir You Sand Me All Visa Requearmeant I Sand You Passport

  10. Good day. From Philippines planning to come even as unskilled or say cleaner. How long would it take for an employer to transfer visit visa to residency ifever i could find job there. Coz i have heard for filipinos can get 14 days to 30 days visa. Male 37 here. Thank u

  11. Dear Sir if basic is 1500 dhs is it possible for you to calculate total salary.or other benefits are from company?any percentage? ?


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