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We are here with another Good News before Christmas and the good news is that Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (Ministry of Labour) is going to handle the recruitment and Employment process for all domestic workers who are mostly from Philippines and Indonesia.

The best part of the Good news is that domestic workers including all household service workers will now have the same rights and privileges enjoyed by private company employees here in UAE.

Philippine ambassador to the United Arab Emirates CONSTANCIO VINGNO JR said: “Philippine authorities have raised the issue of minimum wage for domestic workers to set at $400 that is 1500 AED minimum and other concerns such as granting an obligatory 1 day off every week and allowing them to keep their own passports”.

"The UAE government has addressed our concerns and now what we are waiting is to see the final copy of the law” said CONSTANCIO VINGNO JR.

He more added: “The announcement is a move in the right direction. This is probably an offspring of the consultations held early this year by members of the Philippine Labour delegation with officials from Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE).

PAUL RAYMUND CORTES the Philippine Consul General said: "We are happy with this development and hope that it would lead to more safety nets and better promotion of the welfare of Domestic workers (household service workers)" who are working in United Arab Emirates

He more added "The new policy of UAE Government's reflects their strong commitment to human rights, and ethical business and recruitment in labour migration."

Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) Mr. SAQR BIN GHOBASH SAEED GHOBASH said: “The ministry would look to continue to build on the strong work carried out by the Interior Ministry, and it was important to have employment come under 1 Government umbrella.

He more added in a statement that “we intend to build on past achievements in taking over the administration of this sector. As in most countries, all sectors of employment bow become the responsibility of a single government agency”.

As per Mr. SAQR BIN GHOBASH SAEED GHOBASH MOHRE (Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation) intends to follow through with the policies and strategic plans with a clear view to apply the same principles and labour governance standards across all private sectors, he more added that “the ministry would look to work with the Interior Ministry, specifically the DRFA (Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, to gain from their experience in issuing work permits.”  

Higher Diplomats from Philippines and Indonesia appreciated the new Policy of UAE Government to handle the recruitment & employment of domestic workers to MOHRE.
Top Diplomats from Domestic worker countries said “there will be a better mechanism to address the issues of domestic workers and at the same time this will also professionalise (improve) the sector.

What are the changes in this new Rule?
Currently all recruitment, work visa permits and other visa issues for domestic workers here in UAE is controlled by the Ministry of Interior, whereas as per new Rules and mandate the visa process, work permits and other issues regarding domestic workers will be handle by MOHRE.

Who are Domestic Workers in UAE?
According UAE Law Domestic workers are those who are employed by Households (working under Emirati sponsor, local Arab families) or under UAE Residents as a Housemaid, Nanny, Cook, Male & Female Drivers, Gardeners, shepherds and security guards etc.

What about the existing Visa Application?
At present, all domestic workers are working under Ministry of Interior (GDRFA, General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs) but those who wish to apply new visa as a domestic worker will follow up with MOHRE (Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation)  not Ministry of Interior.

When does it starts?
The New Visa applications for domestic workers will be issues by Ministry of Labour that is MOHRE (Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation­) and will start accepting the new applications from the first quarter of 2017.

Will it be the same in all states of UAE?
No, currently in the first quarter of 2017 it is only starting in Dubai, whereas in the second quarter of 2017 it will start being implemented in all states of United Arab Emirates including Abu Dhabi, Sharjah etc.

How many Countries are under this New Policy?
The New Rules for domestic workers is for all those countries who are sending domestic workers here in United Arab Emirates such as Philippine, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Srilanka etc.

What will be the Benefits of this New Rule?
It will definitely help domestic workers in future, as per our Experience, domestic workers who were complaining will get some sort of freedom and may get same rights and privileges given to private company employees such as:
1:  Better Salary  
2: 1 Day off every week
3: Leave Salary
4: Gratuity
5: Annual Vacation
6: Changing sponsors
7: Keeping passport with themselves
8: Reasonable Working hours
9: Follow up Visa issues easily
10: Ban Issues and much more

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  1. Sana lang eh masunod at mangyari kung ano ang nasa batas at kung ang tama, fair sa mga foreign workers....

    1. Translate to English please

  2. I wish I hope I can comeback thier again to work

  3. Hope it will apply on us...coz me, I'm already working for 5yrs same employer but 'til now I don't have day off and can only go for vacation every unfair, if I can find job in the philippines, I will stay there...than to sacrifice here and have no freedom.

  4. Also in working hours, we are working more than 12 hours a day and mostly waking up in the middle of the night coz the kids will wake up...and very low, I decided to finish my contract then I will go back to my country...I think I don't have my luck here in dubai.. :-(

  5. Please confirm that this new rule is applicable to visas that expired last 19th of January. Thank you.

  6. Hope that gratuity will be implemented regardless of nationality of employer

  7. Hello sir/madam;
    Any news when is the amnesty..
    thank you.

  8. Good day!Is it possible to lift a lifetime ban?

  9. Is it same for Pakistani workers.

  10. Is there any policy or law that protects Filipinos working abroad especially domestic workers from maltreatment, employer's abuse without fear of loosing their job? Is there any policy or laws that guarantees the safety and security of Filipino workers overseas without fear of retaliation from their employers? If there are no such policies or law, then This should be the primary concern of the philippine government and to establish mutual agreements with the host country concerning the welfare of filipino workers...

  11. Good day sir/ about the amnesty?is there an update? Thank you.


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