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UAE OFW e-Card

OFW e-Card can be granted to overseas Filipino workers now, the eligible Overseas Filipino Workers in the UAE may now apply for OFW e-Card called the unified ID card, that will give them access to key government services.

Formerly known as OFW ID, the OFW e-card will be issued for free in the Philippines by the Overseas Welfare Worker Administration (OWWA).

The e-card may serve as the OFW’s exit certificate or Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) to prove that he or she was legally hired. It enables holders to get travel tax and terminal fee exemptions and access government services such as information on their contributions with the Social Security System, Philhealth, among others. It may also be used as a valid government ID card.

OFWs with e-cards may use it to gain electronic access to OWWA programs, including welfare services, scholarships, training and other social benefits.

OFWs eligible to apply for the e-Card are Balik Manggagawa workers or workers returning to the same jobsite or employer with OEC or exemption number and active OWWA Membership that is valid for at least for 90 days (3 months) upon application for the e-Card, according to OWWA’s official website.

How to apply for OFW e-Card:

OFWs in UAE or any abroad country may apply for the e-Card online at 
OWWA official website or Below Given Link of e-Card Application Form

How to apply for OFW E-card online
OFW E-card Application online

Fees and Validity of OFW e-Card:

OFWs can become OWWA members by paying Dh25 at the Philippine Overseas Labour Office in their respective missions. This membership is valid for 2 years and gives social assistance such as death, disability and dismember ship, and burial benefits.

OFWs who are new hires, direct hires, Government Placement Branch-hired workers are not considered Balik Manggagawa.

How to Get OFW e-Card in UAE:

Since the OFW e-cards will only be issued in the Philippines, So, the OFWs may authorize their legal representatives (relatives/family members) in the Philippines to pick-up the e-card once available in their chosen OWWA Regional Office.
Workers living in UAE can apply for OFWs e-cards online and can claim their e-cards themselves on their return (leave/holidays) to the Philippines.

Frequently asked questions about OFW e-Card

What is the OWWA OFW e-Card?

OWWA OFW e-Card is a proof that you are an active member of OWWA. This can also be used as a valid government ID and can be presented to POLO or the Philippine embassy if you seek any of their help or service.

What are the benefits that OFW can get from OWWA e-Card?

1: As an exit clearance going out of the Philippines

2: Permanent OWWA / OFW membership

3: As recognized government issued ID

Who can apply for OWWA OFW e-Card?
All “Balik-manggagawa” with active OWWA membership, valid OEC / Exemption number and valid passport could apply for OFW e-card.

Can newly deployed OFW apply for e-Card?
For the time being, OWWA OFW e-card is only available for Balik-manggagawa.

Who are balik-manggagawa?
According to POEA Rules and regulations, balik-manggagawa is an OFW that has completed or is currently completing the employment contract those who are working on the same employer.


  1. How long the processing of E-Card ?

    1. It depends upto system, but you can track the process (Remaining Time) after submitting application through your facebook account or Email address.

  2. how about direct hired we dont have OWWAnumber ut is posible for us to apply e-card?

  3. I already applied my e-card but im still in uae,is it possible for my family or relatives to claim in my behalf?thanks

  4. yes any relatives allowed to claim your ofw e-card to philippine please bring authorazation letter with tracking number your ofw e-card and your valid passport copy

  5. Can I apply e-card here in abu dhabi?

  6. Can I apply scarf but my ice oec is already expire

  7. Can I apply e card but my oec is already expire

  8. How many days the process of OWWA e card . Can i get the card before my flight mar. 11 2019.

  9. How to fill up application owwa ecard won't open the link reply pls..


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