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We have a great news for Philippine expats in United Arab Emirates, before starting let us tell you this is second good news for Philippines Expats in UAE from last 15 Days.

The Previous Good News was about Filipino Domestic workers including Housemaids, Nannies, Cleaners or all those who are working under Ministry of Interior in Local Villas with UAE National Families. To check out the details of previous Good news, Click Here.

This Good news is for all Philippines Expats who are working here in UAE, they can now sponsor their Friends, Spouse and Family Members to United Arab Emirates.

Philippine missions in the UAE have reviewed rules in getting affidavits of support for Filipinos who wish to sponsor their relatives as visitors or tourists to United Arab Emirates.
Filipinos sign an affirmation of support & guarantee with the embassy and consulate of Philippine to sponsor family members or relative to visit them in UAE.

The affidavit states that “the sponsor will provide all the financial support to their relatives needs in any state of the UAE, including food and Accommodation”.

Yet Filipinos resort to getting this affidavit to show immigration officials in Capital city Manila that they are eligible and authorized to travel as tourists since their sponsors will take care of them in UAE. 

Relation Types:
Filipinos can sponsor their 4th degree of relatives including Spouse (Wife, Husband), Parents, Children, Siblings, Uncle, Aunt, Nephew, Niece, First Cousin, Grandparents and Grandchildren's.

Salary Range:
The Minimum Required salary to sponsor family members to UAE will be 3500 AED.

Profession Categories:
Servant’s (helpers) visa, Nanny Visa, Family Driver’s visa holders are not eligible to sponsor their family members or relatives.

Reason of special Professions:
As per Deputy Consul General Giovanni Palec we have made the above decision because we believe Nanny, Helpers or Drivers do not have the capacity to bring or sponsor someone as a guest (tourist) in UAE. Seeing that they live with their bosses, He more added “I don’t think any employer would let their nanny’s relatives stay in their home”.

The changes were made to make sponsors accountable for their sworn statements, Giovanni Palec said. The affidavit states the family member being sponsored shall not be a public burden and that he is not visiting to look for work in UAE.

“What we’re seeing now is there has been a big increase in the number of Filipino tourists coming to the UAE to work. Recently, we’ve seen many of them getting into trouble and seeking help from us,” Palec said.

Palec clarified the move is planned to curb human trafficking. Since hiring Filipina maids from the Philippines legally through agencies has stopped, many option to the illegal act of recruiting Filipinas by letting them enter the UAE as tourists and later hiring them as maids.
“We believe that this document will not curb human trafficking but will only fuel corruption. Under the Philippine Constitution, any Filipino can travel freely as a tourist and this affidavit is not even mentioned. We consider this affidavit a form of state exaction,” Nhel Morona, an official of Migrant Middle east, said.

Require Documents:
1. Attested birth Certificate to prove relationship with person being sponsored.
2. Attested Marriage Certificate to prove relationship with person being sponsored.
3. Passport copies of the sponsor and the visitor (family members).
4. Salary certificate on Company letterhead with stamp & signature (min salary 3500 AED)
5. Copy of travel agency Trade License or the company facilitating the visa.
6. Copy of the tourist visa.
7. Copy of Hotel Booking with name and Address.
8. Lease contract of Sponsor (If living in Sponsor Accommodation).

Please note that the affidavit is not a UAE requirement nor is it an official requirement by the Philippine government.

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