Overstay Fine and Visa Issues in UAE

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We have been asked by our Global visitors through mails and private messages:
1: What is New Overstay fine in UAE?
2: What are the latest rules for overstayed person in Dubai?
3: Overstay fines on Visit Visa?
4: Overstay fine on Tourist Visa?
5: What is Grace Period?
6: What to do if we do not have money to pay fines?
7: Where to surrender?
8: Can we enter UAE again once blacklisted?
9: Describe absconding case Rules?
10: What are the types of Overstay Fines & Visa’s in UAE?

Residence Permits:
Before proceeding to the Article, please note that there are 2 major types of residence permits in United Arab Emirates:

A: Employment:
Residence with Employment permits can work under:
1: Government sectors
2: Semi- Government sectors
3: Federal sectors
4: Public sectors
5: International corporations
6: Individual as a professionals.
7: Domestic workers
8: Private sectors as an Employer (Owner of the Company or sponsor)
9: Private sectors as an Employee (Worker)

B: Residence without Employment:
1: Family Visa
2: Spouse Visa
3: Student Visa (Register with a University, College or Institute)
4: A special Training/course in public corporation or entities.

The holder of above mention residence permit shall be authorized to reside in any state of United Arab Emirates during the granted period, and shall, upon the expiration of or earlier cancellation of the permit, leave UAE within a maximum period of 30 days.

Visit and Tourist Visa:
The Visit/Tourist Visa permits the holder to stay for given duration that start from 3 days to of 3 months. This type of visa requires sponsorship of hotels and tour operators who bring in visitors from their home countries. The renewal and visa processing fee of tourist visas depends on travel agency that covers for you.

Overstay Fine for Visit and Tourist Visa:
If you get a job while you are on Visit visa you must have to change your visa status from visit/Tourist visa to Residence or Employment visa. In case if you delayed for the day more than mention on visa, you will be charged 200 AED for the first day of overstay, followed by the 100 AED for each consecutive day.
If get delayed by company (sponsor) You can check with them if they will pay such fines for overstay, try and let them pay fine for you at Immigration office or at the time of Exit from UAE airports, please don’t forget that Penalty on visit or Tourist visa is more than residence visa applicants.

Admin Advise: If you reserved a return flight you have to extend and reschedule it till upcoming date.

Note: work on Visit or Tourist visa is illegal in UAE, Visit visa holders are not allowed to work anywhere in the United Arab Emirates with or without payment or for his own as employer. If visit visa is issued for employment purpose, the holder cannot work for another company without the written consent of the General Directorate of Residence & Foreigners Affairs UAE.

Residence/Employment Visa:
Suppose you are working in U.A.E and your Contract is going to finish or you are tired while working with current company and Looking for new job, luckily you got it, now it’s time to cancel your current visa and apply for a new one.
In case if you get stuck while processing documents for new visa due to financial or any other issues or didn’t exit UAE on time to get new Employment visa, what are the legal ways to follow in above case?

Overstay Fine for Residence or Employment Visa:
According to Ministry of Labour & Immigration rules you are allowed only 30 days stay after cancelling your visa to complete your remaining work for new visa, however after the expiry of Grace Period that is 30 days by law, they will subject fine only, it will not become any criminal case, labour ban or blacklist case. 
Fine for the first day will be 125 AED and then 25 AED will be charged for each consecutive day.
Point to be noted that this fine should be pay after completing grace period of 30 days on immigration desk at the time of renewal.

What if overstayed for more than 30 Days?
As per Government of United Arab Emirates and Immigration Law a person who didn’t leave the country after his/her Grace period his name will be shortlisted in Absconded or blacklist person, he/she may face immigration ban and should pay 100 AED per Day if stays illegally for more than 30 Days.

What if someone do not have enough money to pay?
An expat against whom a deportation order has been issued by Authorities may be held in custody for a period not exceeding 2 weeks whereas such custody is essential for the execution of the deportation order.
Please note it again that the holders of expired or cancelled residence visa is subject to 100 AED for the first day once the grace period is over plus 25 AED from second day of overstay.
In case of Failure to pay the fine will mean jail term for a maximum of 3 months and the UAE courts may likewise order deportation after serving jail term.

Can a person who is deported from UAE enter again?
A person who has been deported cannot return to United Arab Emirates until a special permission is secured from the Ministry of Interior. The mechanism to overturn court order of deportation varies as to the reason of such deportation:

1: An amnesty law issued for the crime committed by the deportee (the one who is deported from UAE) or a pardon decree issued for the crime will allow the deportee to return to the country.
2: Legal Rehabilitation.
3: A court decision passed for the deportee.
4: Case taken back by Employer.

What is the Grace Period and fine for Children?
The fine and Overstay period is same for Children, Wife or anyone else who overstayed in any Emirates of UAE.

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  2. good day..
    i would like to ask if a person has more than 40days immigration penalty living here in abu dhabi.. where can i ask a information regarding this situation cause i dont have enough money to pay the penalties, and the travel agency that i was get a visit visa was called me that they file absconding case against me. what will i do? PLEASE REPLY ME ASAP thank you...

  3. HI, i have a question. I am on student visa, which already expired little less than a month ago meaning that I am overstaying the date in the visa for 20 days or so.
    Today I will give my passport for visa cancelation at the university. The question is, am I supposed to leave the country straight away when my visa will get canceled, or I will have another month, or there will be a fine and how much?

  4. Hello, i have a friend who due to financial trouble could not renew his wife's residency visa since the last 5 years and this has also effected his childs visa which was to be renewed last year. what option does he have to regularize his situation as he now has a job and wants to renew their visas

  5. Hello, If I were overstayed for an Hour only, do i have to pay the overstay charges even if you are already on the airport by that time?

  6. Hello.
    I come in UAE February2016 and due to a fraude of my last company I put a case against my company in court.
    Court give the decision in fevaour of me and order to company to pay my salary and my other dues to me and cancel my visa.
    The company pay my payment and cancel my visa with one year labour ban.
    Then I search another visa that have no facing ban for example free zone or invester visa or any local arabic person's home visa cook gaurd or home servant.
    Now after 5 months cancellation of my visa I search new visa but now I facing5 months oversatay and fine.
    Please tell me that what should I do now to get visa?
    I want to get home servant visa of local arabic person and I cannot pay fine of 5 months.
    Although I face one year labour ban for before.

  7. Hello,
    what if im over stayed for more as 266 days as of now, due to my visa is not renew same as my contract, i may face ban or blacklist? Even thougth we are going to pay for that over stayed before i leave this country or i may have a chance to have a new visa after paying for that over stayed? I might be belong to ban and black list? Please answer me. Please.

  8. Good day.i just want to ask if i have penalty?i am a visit/tourist visa here in uae.i entered uae last april13,2017 and going back to my country on the 11th of july 2017. Is there any penalty that i will pay with it? Please respond. And thank you very much

  9. hi good day i have finesh 30 day fr0m cancelled still comoany not give my ticket and passport how can i get help for that thanks...

  10. Hello.

    My brother is in jail and his visit visa got expired and now travel agency is asking me to pay the fee for deposit for absconding case, do i need to pay them all fee or its there job to pay them ?

  11. hi i would like to ask,what if a person came to uae under visit visa and eventually found a job. working visa is already under process but the visit visa will expire after 4 days. If incase the working visa will not be release before the expiry of the visit visa, can the person stay in the uae till the visa released and just pay for the overstay fine? how much he needs to pay per day? please respond

  12. Hi.. My husband was overstayed more than 30 days there in Dubai.. Is it possible that He can exit to Oman or He need yo exit to Phillipines to get a new Visa? Please reply asap

  13. Hello.. My husband was overstayed in Dubai more than 30 days.is it possible that He can exit to Oman to get a new visa? Or He need to go back here in the Philippines?

  14. Hello.. My husband was overstayed in Dubai more than 30 days.is it possible that He can exit to Oman to get a new visa? Or He need to go back here in the Philippines?

  15. my old contract to my previous employer was cancelled last july 25,2017. then i got a new job. the new company is now processing my new visa but the documents was not yet completed which needed in labour contract to authorized. now my grace period was ending this coming august 25, 2017. based on the article above i was not accounted with any labour ban blocklist or criminal offense.on behalf i will paying the fine of 125aed for the first day and 25aed for succeeding days until i have my new visa. what is better option i wait the visa inside uae or i will exit the country and re-enter uae when i have the visa. pls give me advice on my case. thanks

  16. Hi everyone I cancelled my visa and I'm still in UAE looking for a job and I got offer latter but now the pro say your visa have some problem but I confirmed from labour office I don't have any ban but way there is problem .please repaly me if someone have any idea about this topic

  17. Good guidance for the people who want establish their business in dubai...i really like your efforts
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  18. Hi.. I cancelled my employment visa. .So i must leave uae 3/4/18@12@m. .Because of my health problem i bokked my ticket on the same day @3pm.. Is it ok or i must pay fine? Where should i pay in the airport emigration counter plz help me.. .Thank you

  19. I have a brother who visited UAE on 3months visit visa. (6/12/2017) He got a Labourer job at Abu Dhabi on (6/2/2018). The problem here is that the employer promised him employment visa and till date no employment visa is granted to my brother and his visa is expired. The company still keeps my brother working for them and still promise to give him visa which is a scam. What do I do to save my brother situation? Your kind response will save alot of troubles for me and my family.

    1. That is illegal. Go to labor and file complaint.

  20. Thank you for sharing such great information.
    It has help me in finding out more detail about "Dubai Tourist Visa"

  21. Interesting UAE LABOURS! i have a question, what if the employee finished his contract to his previous company, and within his grace period he find a new employer, but his previous employer wants him to exit or show his visa from other employer, but the new employer failed to issue his visa on time because of holidays or the processing is delayed and that time his previous employer filed an absconding case against the employee ang now he is banned to emirates? He is willing to pay his overstay fines that is why he goes to tasheel to ask his fines then he got the total then he goes to the airport to go home because of that case, one immigration officer told him that he is runaway? Amd told him he needs to pay his fines, when he got to pay his fines the other officer told him that there is no fines to pay? What is the meaning of that UAE LABOURS. he is finished contract and they files for absconding case????? Are they human? Why cant they wait until the new sponsor give his visa? He is willing to pay for fines! Please answer this UAE LABOURS for all to clear some minds with same case! To help them also! Have some conscience you rich people.


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