Dubai Mall Free Parking will soon become Paid in 2024

Dubai Mall Paid parking to end soon

Salik to roll out paid parking in Dubai Mall soon, yes it's true, Parking at Dubai Mall will soon become a Paid service, using barrier-free system implemented by Salik, the Dubai Toll Gate operator.

The automatic fee collection for ticketless Dubai Mall parking will be charged using vehicle plate recognition.

Salik announced a cooperation with Emaar Malls on Friday, December 22, 2023 “to deliver a seamless and efficient parking management system at the world-famous Dubai Mall. Under the terms of the agreement, Salik technology will be deployed to enable a smooth, barrier-free, ticketless parking experience for mall customers.”

The new parking system is expected to be operational by third quarter of 2024.&nbsp ;

Salik said charges will be “determined after Emaar Malls finalizes the business rules for this project.”

Parking Charges at Dubai Mall:

Dubai Mall Parking charges are yet to be defined by Emaar Malls but fees will be deducted from the Salik user account similar to Road Salik system. The user will be able to check and recharge balance from SALIK App or website.

Vehicles without Salik Tag?

Question being raised by expats, what if vehicles without salik tag and vehicles from other emirates than Dubai want to enter Dubai Mall Parking, how they will be charged? What are your thoughts on new changes?

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