UAE Residency, Visit visas and Emirates ID's to remain valid until End of Year 2020

UAE announced on Monday that all visas (Residency and visit visas), entry permits and Emirates ID cards to stay valid until the end of 2020 - amid the coronavirus situation.

Talking to the media in a virtual conference today, a Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship official said that UAE visas, entry permits and ID cards for those inside the country are valid until the end of December of this year if they happened to expire after March 1, 2020.

Emirates ID Validity:
Brigadier General Al Kaabi: UAE nationals and residents whose Identification Cards expired in early March 2020 will also have their validity extended until the end of the current year.

Visit Visa Validity:
Brigadier General Al Kaabi: UAE visitors who have remained in the country and their visas expired in early March 2020, will also have their visit visas extended till end of December 2020.

Residence Visa Validity:
Brigadier General Al Kaabi explained that residents whose visas expired in early March 2020 will receive an extension of their visas until end of December 2020. This measure applies to both residents inside and outside the UAE.

Link: Check Emirates ID status

"We affirm in the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship our absolute commitment to all segments of society, including citizens, residents, and visitors, and our willingness to receive their inquiries through the communication channels announced on the official website of the authority."

Official Tweets:

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  1. Hi,my gratitude to the government of the UAE for all the efforts it is putting to keep us safe.God bless us all.these dark days will be over soon.please fellow residents, let us help the government save lives by staying home.

  2. My entry permit will be expired on 18 April so it's also valid till to the end of 2020 or its expired already I need to get a new visa ?

  3. Sir good day. Hope everyone is well. My question is how about those visit visa that will expire this coming end of april and because of lock down they cannot come here. Is there possible to have Extensions for those who got visit visa last March and the only reason they did not reach dubai because of lockdown...

    Thank you.

  4. Good please just want to know I have a friend on visit visa and it will expire on the 18 of April what is she going to do so that she did not enter over stay.

  5. We are in india came for vocation .
    So my last date entre in uae 8 july. So can we eligable to december. Reply plz

  6. My visit visa will expire on june i also counted in that priviledge?


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