Can People with Cancelled visas avail Overstay Fine Exemption until December 2020?

As all of us know that UAE Government has announced the free visa extension till December 2020 to all those whose visas are expiring on March 1 and later are exempted from overstay fine including:

1: Visit/Tourist Visa Holders
2: Residence Visa Holders
3: Entry Permit Holders

But the question is, what about those who are residing inside UAE and have cancelled their visas either to leave UAE or to look for another job or to change status by getting new visa inside UAE?

Are they also exempted from overstay fine until end of 2020?

The answer is No, people with cancelled visas or those who completed their grace periods starting March 1 are not included in the exemption.

There was no official announcement about people with cancelled visas at the time of media briefing and until now there is no official decision but through email we and many of UAE expats have confirmed this from AMER and GDRFAD. some of the replies from GDRFA and AMER is shared in this post.

Fine on Cancel Visa Holders?
As per email reply from one of Amer staff,  people who have cancelled visas before or after march 1 are not applicable for amnesty (exemption) and all fines should be paid before exit the country or change status if possible.

In one email, the AMER Contact Center Team confirmed through email that expired or cancelled residency visa before 1st March does not included on the amnesty program so they are kindly requested to either leave UAE or change their statues for new visa.

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