Revealed: Coronavirus Treatment in UAE is the Best, 852 Patients Fully Recovered

UAE treatment against COVID19 is being highly appreciated around the world. UAE revealed details of the various ways coronavirus patients were being treated in the country.

During a press conference, Dr. Farida Al Hosani, the official spokesperson of the UAE health sector, said that no new cases were detected after 20,000 tests. The country registered 172 more recoveries, taking the total recoveries to 852 as of April 13.

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Responding to a question on the treatment being provided to patients, Dr Al Hosani said that medicines, anti-viral drugs and plasma from recovered patients were being used.

"Majority of the Covid-19 cases recorded across the country are simple and mild cases. All those with high fever and respiratory distress should go directly to the test centres," said the official.

"Health experts are continuing to review the latest drug treatments available to support patients fighting the virus. Hydroxychloroquine medicines and other anti-viral drugs - as per research - are being used in the UAE and we are following up on their effectiveness."

Dr Al Hosani said recovered patients are playing their part in helping those fighting the disease to get back to full health.

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She said that the UAE has started clinical trials of plasma therapy for treatment along with a number of other treatments. Their effectiveness is being researched, and the UAE is keen to further look into studies and treatments around the world and will not delay in providing any available treatment to citizens and residents.

She more added "The blood donated by people who have recovered from Covid-19 was being used in plasma treatment to boost the speed of recovery for people who tested positive to the coronavirus,"

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