UAE Residents can Fly their own Aircraft from October

The Electric airplanes will take to the skies in Dubai later this year and some residents may just be fortunate enough to fly them.

Yes it’s true; the Academy of Technical Training (ATT) has just confirmed that private individuals, as young as 14 years old, can start securing a license to fly an electric-powered plane from October 2019.

Flight Training is must:
However, the permit will be issued only after flight training or course is completed at the Flight Club in GHANTOOT, officials at the ATT told state news agency WAM.

During the training, students will be able to operate an eco-friendly flying machine called Alpha Electro. The Dh400, 000 electric planes has an airframe made in Slovenia but it is assembled in United Arab Emirates.

Sample of RTA Flying Taxi in Dubai
Batteries and Engine:
It can fly over 13,000 feet for 1 hour and 30 minutes, and reach a cruising speed of 180 kilometers per hour, using two lithium batteries.

“The aircraft, including the batteries and engines, is entirely assembled in the UAE by Emirati hands,” said Lahej Saif Al Falasi, chairman of ATT.

Sample of UAE Electric Airplane
Safe Fly:
Al Falasi said the aircraft is “completely safe,” citing that it is already licensed internationally. It has undergone flight tests in the UAE, United States and Germany.

“The aircraft is completely safe, with zero [carbon dioxide] emissions and minimum noise,” he said. “It is really a source of pride to see creative Emiratis contributing to the service of humanity by bringing what was once perceived as science fiction into reality,” he added.

In case of Emergency:
As per ATT, one of the batteries used in the aircraft is capable of providing additional power for 30 minutes, which can be used in case of emergency.

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