UAE Dating Rules for Residents & Tourists

How to date in UAE legally

After writing about UAE Dress Code and Banned clothing, we have received many questions regarding going on a date to find out future spouses in UAE.

The questions we received are:

Can we date someone in UAE?

How to date in UAE legally?

Is going on date is allowed in UAE?

Will I fall in trouble if caught hanging out with someone?

People living in UAE are from different countries and cultures, there are expats who do not believe in dating someone, they let their parents to choose life partner for them but there are many who were forced or encouraged to date their future spouses for sometime before marriage.

Please note that certain laws in the UAE are influenced by the Islamic principles and by local customs, values, cultural and traditional practices. It may be noted that UAE population largely comprises people of different expatriate communities mostly from India, Pakistan, Philippines, Nepal, Bangladesh, Africa, Arab, Europe etc and the city provides a liberal environment for social interactions for all its residents across UAE.

Yes you can date in UAE:
The answer of above all questions is “Men and women may freely meet at public places in the UAE but not limited to restaurants, cafeterias, public parks and such other places as long as they do not resort to doing anything indecent, vulgar or commit a violation of the prevailing laws of the UAE”.

What includes in indecent or Vulgar:
Indecent or vulgar act in public place is actually the violation of not only UAE Law but it also violates local custom and tradition.

On a date, try to avoid below things:

1: Do not kiss in public places.
2: Do not hug in public places.
3: Do not touch or play with sensitive body parts in public.
4: Do not wear short mini-skirts or daisy duke shorts in public.
5: Do not drink alcohol in public places.
6: Try not to show your underwear, bras or g-strings.

Violation will cost 6 Months or 1 Year Jail:
In this regard, it may further be noted that any indecent act committed flagrantly is deemed an offence punishable with a minimum imprisonment term of 6 months for adult and 1 year for those who did it with boy or girl under 15 years of age.

Know the Law:
This is in accordance with the provisions of Article 358 of the Federal Law No. 3 of 1987 on Penal Code, which reads as follows:

"Shall be sentenced to detention for a minimum term or six months, whoever has flagrantly committed an indecent act”.

"Shall be sentenced to detention for a minimum term of one year, whoever has perpetrated an indecent act with a girl or boy who did not complete fifteen years of age, even if not committed openly."

It is important to note that doing an indecent act with person less than 15 years of age in both private or public place may cost you, also it is advisable to all those who believes in dating someone before marriage to please do not violate UAE law and local traditions.


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