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Good Day to UAE Expats, we are always available with the updated UAE Traffic Fine Discount and the Latest Driving Rules in UAE.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES is trying to reduce traffic violations and for that reason they have amended few traffic rules. UAE Residents will have to pay higher fines and can face more confiscation in case of New Traffic Violations, so please note down below important points.
Violations includes in Below List are: Using Mobile Phone while driving, running red lights, exceeding speed limits, causing danger to the lives of the public, driving under the influence of alcohol, seat belts, illegal taxis and few more.

1: Jumping Red Light:
According to newly amended traffic laws, drivers who ignore traffic lights will be fined 1000 AED and incur a penalty of 12 black points, and their vehicles will be seized for 30 days.

2: Overtaking on Hard Shoulder:
Fine for those who overtake other vehicles on the hard shoulder (shoulder passers) will be 1000 AED along with 6 Black Points from July 1.

3: Seat Belts:
As per Latest Rules, the drivers or passengers who are not wearing seat belts will get ticket 400 AED with 4 Black points.

4: Glass Tinting:
Violators who exceed 50% of glass tinting will get 1500 AED fine, point to be noted that windscreen must remain tint-free.

5: Private Taxi (Picking):
Business drivers including Pickup, Vans, Hiace or other Station/Saloon Cars Drivers are strictly prohibited for picking up passengers without legal permit.
The fine for private taxi who transport passengers illegally or without permit will be 3000 AED with 24 Black Points.

6: Child Safety:
After amendment in children protection rules, children under the age of 4 must be seated in the back seats.
Moreover, Allowing children under 10 years of age or shorter than 145 cm in height to sit in the front seat of a vehicle will be charged as a violation.
Fine for both violations is 400 AED with 4 Black Points.

7: Noisy Vehicle:
The Amendment include 2000 AED Fine along with 6 Black Points for those who drive a noisy vehicle in Public Area or the area with more traffic.

8: Expired Vehicle Registration:
The Amendment also permit that if vehicle is expired and not renewed over 3 months will get 500 AED Fine and Confiscation for 7 days.

9: Dangerous Driving:
Drivers who drive vehicle dangerously in public areas will get ticket 2000 AED and their vehicle will be seized for 2 months.

10: Sudden Swerve:
1000 AED will be fine for sudden swerves (change directions) while driving.

11: Alcohol/Drugs:
The amendment also looks at drivers who drive vehicles under influence of drugs or similar substances, as per Court order motorist will charged with 23 Black Points and his/her vehicle will be seized for 60 Days.

12: Using Mobile:
Due the number of accidents that are related to Mobile Phone use while driving, some changes have made to protect and to decrease accidents ration.
As per Latest Rules driver who caught using Mobile Phone will not get 800 AED fine with 4 Black Points.

13: Blocking Traffic:

Blocking traffic may violate city or state traffic laws and may qualify as reckless and irresponsible driving in United Arab Emirates.
The one who block Traffic or cause Traffic Jam will get 1000 AED fine by Traffic Police.

14: No Vehicle Plate:
Driving without Vehicle Plates is from one of the biggest traffic violations across the world, UAE Traffic Law just announced an updated fine for violators who caught driving without plates.
The Fine will be 3000 AED, 23 Black Points with 90 Days Confiscation.

15: Over Speed:
Residents will pay higher fines and may face extra black points/confiscation in case of over speeding, check out below list that will start from July 1st 2017.

Speeding Over Limit
80 KM/H
3000 AED Fine
23 Black Points
Confiscation 60 days
60 KM/H
2000 AED Fine
12 Black Points
Confiscation 30 days

Speeding Limit not more than
60 KM/H
1500 AED Fine
6 Black Points
Confiscation 15 days
50 KM/H
1000 AED Fine

40 KM/H
700 AED Fine

30 KM/H
600 AED Fine

20 KM/H
300 AED Fine

Brigadier General Ali Khalfan Al Dhaheri, the Director of Central Operations Sector at Abu Dhabi Police General Command, called on the drivers to adhere to the new rules and regulations.
He stressed that the implementation of these measures will motivate drivers to abide by the laws and enhance the efforts of UAE to make roads safer.
Brigadier General Al Dhaheri said the Abu Dhabi Police will also provide an opportunity for drivers to correct their driving violations.

Help Drivers:
All drivers in UAE should be made aware of the above list of latest traffic violations and their corresponding fines, be a part of awareness, Share this Important and very Informative List with each and every driver across UAE.

There are hundreds of those who cannot pay such high amount of fines because of Low salary and other financial Issues, So, don’t wait share it now and help others.

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