Why my UAE Visa is Rejected?

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Once you applied for a visa you will try to make yourself ready for upcoming challenges and yes it can be very exhausting; selecting places of interest in Emirates, making ready the required documents, compiling a list of things to do in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
But let us tell you there could be some instances when a UAE or a specific state visa could get rejected. Even though, you may have submitted the correct documents, or you may face rejection on arrival at airport, yes it’s happening, and there could be a situation where Visit/Tourist or Employment visa doesn't get approved.

Question mostly visitors asked:
1: Why my visa is rejected?
2: What are the most common reasons of UAE visa rejection?
3: Why UAE Immigration rejected my Visit visa?
4: Why Ministry of Labour refuses my Employment visa?
5: I have not travel UAE Before, but it rejected due to ban on me?
6: My visa is rejected due to security reason, how to clear it?
7: How to check reason of visa rejection?
8: Is visa rejection means Life time ban?
9: How to solve the visa rejection issue from home country?
10: How to contact UAE Immigration or Ministry of Labour from home country?

Before proceeding to below guide Please accept our sincerest excuse, due to thousands of visitors, we are powerless to reach and reply each and every person, that’s why we are writing the most common reasons of UAE Visa rejection here in below Guide.

Please note that following reasons are not only for Employment visas, but also for Business, Family, Residence, Visit/Tourist and Education Entry permit.

Here are the 50 most common reasons why UAE Visa applications were rejected.
1. Passport Copy Not Clear.
2. Passport Name and other details wrongly declared.
3. having Work Permit expired for more than six months.
4. Approved certificates of concerned authority for the required profession (Health/Education/Social Affairs)
5. Letter of Ministry regarding the required profession.
6. Applicant with the same name, date of birth etc.
7. Having Labour Complaint.
8. having Labour Card expired for more than 6 months.
9. Details in Labour Establishment Card is different from the License.
10. Signature is different on the application.
11. Medical test fail.
12. Certificate to be attested from UAE Embassy and Foreign Affairs.
13. Arabic Legal Translation of Educational Certificate.
14. Application information is not correct.
15. Profession not matching with Company activity.
16. Present employees are enough.
17. Less than legal age for employment.
18. Approval of Under Secretary for exceeding 65 years of age.
19. Visas more than allowed quota.
20. Project Agreements or other documents to prove volume of works + Building Permit.
21. Change gender/sex.
22. Copy of approval for the activity from concerned authority (Civil Defense / MoL).
23. Valid Trade License copy.
24. Valid Industrial License copy.
25. Age less than 21 for Heavy Driver.
26. Present original passport of the Sponsor to authenticate Thumb impression.
27. Manual Passport.
28. Number of driver covers number of vehicles.
29. Latest Vehicle list from RTA (number of vehicles).
30. Detailed list of vehicles from RTA.
31. Wage Protection List.
32. Number of staff covers present volume of works.
33. Technical Workshop required.
34. Labour Contract in Arabic + Office/Shop photo + Location Map.
35. Cancellation receipt original required.
36. Change Labour Establishment Card.
37. Outstanding fines to be paid.
38. Parking rental agreement required.
39. Boat registration Certificate required.
40. Transaction stopped (salary/missing/ban).
41. Contact 'TANMIA' authority (Emiratisation).
42. Warehouse rental agreement required.
43. Contact Establishment Dept. for correction of the information.
44. Educational Certificate is not suitable to the required profession.
45. Contact Health & Safety Section of Ministry of Labour.
46. Attested University Certificate required.
47. Attest agreements from Ministry of Labour.
48. Contact Electronic Establishment Department at Ministry of Labour.
49. Rejection from Immigration (Security issue)
50. Involved in Illegal activities, crime offense inside UAE.

Visa Rejection FAQ’S:
Q: I am from India and I applied for 2 visas almost at same time, unluckily both rejected, what will be the possible solution to get it approve?
You can apply second visa until you cancel the first one, If you had previously applied for a UAE Tourist or Visit visa and not employed (used) it, then you will need to get it cancelled from the sponsor in order to get approve new visa.

Your sponsor can be your travel agent or company etc.

Q: I was involved in theft activity 3 years ago, will I get approval in 2017?
No, Visa applicants with previous criminal offense, fraud, miss conduct committed or any other illegal activity in any Emirates of UAE will be rejected automatically.

Q: I applied for visit visa, it approved but I wasn’t travel to UAE, what is the next step now?
If someone applied Visit or tourist visa but did not enter the country, he/she may not enter UAE for next 60 days. In order to get an approval for 2nd visa, the PRO of the travel agency or sponsor must go to the immigration desk to clear previous Visa.

Q: I am from African Country, we are still using Manual Passports, am I eligible for visa?
No, the countries who are still using Manual or Hand written passports will automatically get rejected by the UAE Immigration.

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  1. I get one year labour ban in 2013 in dubai & left dubai in 2013 can i return to sharjah now for work

    1. Thank You for contacting us Arik
      Yes you can enter any state of UAE once you have completed your Ban Period.
      Thank You

    2. sir you can help me my visa is rejected reason is already send below comments plz check it you can tell me about it

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  3. Dear sir , I apply for visit visa but visa has been rejected due to security reason.Plz tell me how can I solve this issue. I will waiting for your kind response. Thanks in advance

  4. dear sir,
    i was working in ajman for 2 years, after completed my visa i cancelled and came back to india. after a month i applied for vist visa but it got rejected due to security reasons, i dont have any criminal records sir, neither i had any problem with my previous employee its almost 10 months now, i am in india, i badly want to come back to dubai and start a new career, will i be able to enter UAE again, what is the reason for this security reasons. what do i need to do to enter UAE again, please help him because i am not getting any help or guidance from anyone about how to solve this issue.awaiting your reply regarding the same

    thank you

    1. السلام علیکم و رحمتہ اللہ و برکتہ یا سیدی عندی واحد مشکلہ۔ بفضلک اھدنی الی الحل الکامل۔ شغلت فی الامارات سنة قبلا۔ الغاء الاقامة علی القانون و دفعت فی الاجانیة الامارات العجمان الضمان لتوقف العائلة برقم 5500 دراھم۔ منذ سنة جھدت کثیرا لاجابة الاقامة جدیدا بل لا وجدت احیانا۔ قریبا خبرت بالشرکة کفیلنی دخلت معاملات الضالان ھو اصلا علی الکذب۔ ما استطعت ان اجمع مع العائلة و ایضا ضیائعة الشغل۔ اشکرلک لاھدنی الی الطریق الصحیح۔ یعطیک اللہ فرح کثیرا من العائلتک و المالک۔ اللقاء۔
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      د 0092-336-847-5105

  5. My tourist Visa is rejected due to life time ban imposed on me as my medical test is failed since 5 years back because of Hep b carrier. Please let me know if there is any way out and the procedure I must follow. Thanks

    1. Hi
      Send me email jess_bitter_chocolate@yahoo.com
      I have some advice for u

  6. my visa rejection reason mentioned by the employer is security reason,,,,what is this security reason,,can i get other visa after 3 months

  7. Good day UAElabours,
    Kindly enlighten me and other expats. I was deported due to hepatitis B in 2015 and now I am cured. However I face a lifetime ban and as my friend checked for me, my ban is only for 6 categories work and he said I can come under tourist visa. However I have lifetime then how can I get tourist visa? I have all my medical reports with attested by UAE embassy in my country. I want to come to Dubai only as a tourist. It is quite confusing because Hepatitis B is only banned for 6 categories work but I cannot even enter as a tourist? My tourist visa will be automatically rejected because of a lifetime ban for 6 categories work. I think expat should be allowed to enter the country once they are cured and fit, at least as a tourist. Lifetime ban and denied entry completely to the country is too strict and does not make sense, because right now there are already hepatitis b people working and living in UAE.
    I believe that other expats are also having the same question as me so I am really looking for advice from you.
    Thank you very much

  8. i have applied twice but got rejected how to clear the rejection pls guide

  9. Asalam u alikum am adil shah khan from pakistan i worked in abu dhabi i complete the visa 3yrs i cancel the visa 2012 and back to pakistan i have applied twice but immigration rejected may visa.plz guide how to clear rejection

  10. Good guidance for the people who want establish their business in dubai...i really like your efforts
    PlusUAE is a business consultancy, helps in setting up new business ventures for local and international business investors in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

  11. Hi... 2 times my new company applied my visa but still rejected,my records, documents properly submitted from my old company and I check to the immigration and police I don't have any bad records,fines,etc..how to removed the rejection from the labour?

  12. my visa recjected reason is (the treatment is rejected by the ministry of the interior a suspect lists) what is the means please expline me what i can do so my visa approved anyone tell me about it thanks


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