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This Short Guide is for those UAE Expats who are non-Muslim’s and looking to convert to Islam in future, or keen to search about Islam, Government of Dubai launched an online platform for those who want to become Muslim.

Some people are often worried if they will be allowed to become Muslim due to a variety of reasons such as having had a wild past, having tattoos, being a single mother, did rape, involved in criminal activities against Islam or Humanity,  being from a certain country or race, being a child and various other reasons.  Rest assured that none of this matters. If you believe in Islam you can become a Muslim.

Islam is for the whole of humanity  and Islam unites together people of different colors, languages, races & nationalities into one brotherhood.

Allah says: "Indeed the Believers (believers in Islam)are but brothers." [Quran 4 9:10] 

Therefore anybody can who believes Islam is the true religion of God can become a Muslim. 

Who can become a Muslim and how will I be regarded by other Muslims?
Islam erases all sins committed prior to becoming a Muslim. 
Allah says : Say to those who have disbelieved, if they cease (from disbelief), their past will be forgiven. But if they return (thereto), then the examples of those (punished) before them have already preceded (as a warning)”[Quran 8:38] 

Prophet (may the peace and blessings and mercy of Allah be upon him) said, Islam annuls what came before it. (narrated by Muslim).

As soon as you become a Muslim all your previous sins are forgiven and you start a blank state and a complete clean record. 

Someone may say that you have to do a course or obtain a certificate to become a Muslim. This is incorrect. You do not need to attend a course or obtain a certificate to become Muslim.

You should not delay in becoming a Muslim
If someone advices you to delay your conversion to Islam. This is also incorrect. If you believe Islam is the truth then you should not delay your conversion to Islam.

You should convert immediately because we are given a certain  lifespan and we it could be over at anytime. 

You may also hear from some Muslims incorrect advice due to their lack of knowledge of Islam or due to lack of   correct knowledge of Islam. 

If you are UAE Resident please visit below mention site for correct and confirm knowledge about Islam, visit  www.iacad.gov.ae for Education and Religious Guidance in New Muslim Section.
Furthermore, we will advise you to visit Grand Mosques and Scholars of Muslims near you.
If you are UAE Resident, you can convert and Embrace Islam online now,
Please click on below Link and fill the form and submit your application.

You will be contacted by Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities Department of Dubai Government once they receive your application. 

Click here to Embrace Islam Online in UAE
Click here to Visit Official Site 

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