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Termination without Notice (UAE LAW 2016)

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Do you Know that there is a  Law in which an Employer may terminate employees  without any notice?
Do you know you can be terminate from your service if below written cases founds in you?

Most of us don't know that we can be fired in some cases where court will not accept any sort of complaint against Company.
As per Article 120, the owner (Employer, Company) can dismiss the employee without any notice in the below 10 cases:

Please read carefully and try to avoid, if founds in you..!

1. If the employee (worker)  violates instructions relating to safety in the place of work, provided those instructions were written and displayed in a permanent place, and the employee has been informed of these instructions orally if he is illiterate.

2. If the employee commits a mistake causing the employer a substantial financial loss, provided the employer informs the Ministry of the incident within 48 hours.

3. If the employee submitted fake Documents (School/College/University Degree ,Certificate) or assumes a nationality other than his own.

4. If the employee fails to carry out his basic duties (work Responsibilities) as specified in the MOL contract and continues to do so in spite of a written interrogation & a warning that his service will be terminated if his behavior remain same.

5. If the employee was employed (appointed) under probation period and the termination happened during same period (probation) or at its end.

6. If employee discloses (publish) a secret of the Company for whom he is working.

7. If he/she becomes absent without a authentic reason for more than twenty intermittent days or more than seven continuous days within 1 year.

8. Employee will be fired if found drunk or intoxicated by drugs during working hours or caught lewdness, involved in any sort of sexual relation with company workers during working hours.

9. If he commits a physical assault (attack)  on the employer, manager, senior Employee or one of his colleagues during work.

10. If employee conclusively sentenced by the any UAE court of a crime involving honor, honesty and public morals.

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  1. Let me know the School Librarian (Post Graguated) belonging in which category?

    1. Please Always write your question in Related Posts.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Am working in a company as an accountant since feb 2016 but i got visa on May 1st now the company not paying salary from april & asking me to give resign letter.i dont any offer letter fron the company.Now they saying they can't pay the salary & asking visa money.so how can i cancell & join a new company

  2. good day!
    Got terminated by my employer(School) and 1 yr ban was given to me. Now the school wants me to go back to them. Is there any options to lift my ban?

  3. If 6moz out of the country that is automatically cancelled visa right? So we have banned in uae or no?

  4. i am working as shift cook i am not finish my 1 yr can i resign and am looking a more salary.my contract is limited can i have ban for my company

  5. im working in cleaning company as a cleaner..just i renewed my contract last may2016..if ever i will decide t resign now still do i have banned?i finish already my 2yrs contract and i renew..need an advice..thanks

  6. Am not interested my job
    I plan to move other company
    Am joint this company 24/08/2016
    My profession is light vehicle driver
    Any ban if I leave this job

  7. Hi sir
    Am planning to cancel my visa
    My skill level 4/5
    Am joint this company 24/08/2016
    If cancel any Ban for me
    Am searching to other company

  8. hi, i need your help, in 2009 i come in vacation to my country and cause problem with my family i not come back to finished my contract with hotel, i explain to hotel my father was sick and i said when i have money i pay the costs. now i have a good job offer in dubai, and my boss said my name is in black list and my visa was dennied, i dont understand why long time... could you help me

  9. I have archive clerk visa. Visa issued in April 2016. I completed one year in this company. I want to know my visa is which category and if I want resigned. Can they put bann on me or not. If yes how many months.


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