Parents Visa UAE (Sponsoring Parents)

Sponsoring and living with family in UAE is everybody wish specially with Parents because no love is greater than Mother’s Love and there is no care greater than Dad’s Care, no matter where ever they are.
So, we have decided to write an informative and authentic article regarding how to Sponsor Parents to United Arab Emirates.

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Can I Sponsor My Parents?
Expatriates who are living in UAE and holding valid resident visas with a minimum salary of 20,000 AED or a monthly salary of 19,000 AED along with 2 bedroom accommodation can only get 1 year resident visas for their parents or parents-in-law.
This visa will be renewable and Expat have to renew it every Year.

Can I Sponsor Single Parent, Only Mother or Father?
No if they are not divorced (separated) or deceased (died).
As per new Labour Law 2017 Rules and Regulations, UAE expat have to sponsor both mother and father together and have to show the proof that you are their sole provider and that there is no one to take care of your parents in your home country except you.

What if they are divorced or deceased?
In case, if your parents are divorced or one of them is deceased, you (expat) should provide written proof with attestation from home Ministries, when visiting DNRD (Department of Naturalization and Residency Dubai) to obtain the (EPV) entry permit visa.
Please note that EPV is the first step before you can apply for a residence visa.

How to Get Entry Permit:
If you are earning above mention salary you can get entry permit for your parents by providing below documents, before proceeding to the list of require documents, please note that Entry permit is not a visa but just a permit on which your parents can travel and enter UAE.
You have to apply for Residence visa once your parents enter United Arab Emirates.

Required Documents from Sponsor to get Entry Permit Visa:
1: EPV Application Form from registered Typing Centers across UAE.
2: Original passport with 6 months validity
3: Passport Size Photo (Not Important)
4: Copy of Job Contract
5: If you cannot provide Job Contract, salary certificate from Employer is acceptable.
6: Paid electricity Bill (Dewa if resident living in Dubai)
7: Tenancy Contract (Accommodation should be at least 2 bedroom apartment).
8: Relationship proof in form of Birth Certificate or related document
Note: Relationship certificate (form) should be attested by your home embassy or consulate mentioning that you are the sole provider and care taker for your parent(s).

Required Documents from Parent(s) to get Entry Permit Visa:
1: Original Passport with minimum 6 months validity
2: Passport size Photographs with white background
3: Attested Relationship Certificate or Form

Follow below steps once you have arranged above mention Documents:
A: File the above listed documents and go to (GDRFA) General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs.
B: Submit all documents along with a letter from sponsor appealing on humanitarian grounds for entry visa for your parents. It is better to create an extra set of copies from all above documents and write your contact number on it.
C: The Approval Committee of GDRFA will either confirm or reject your application within 2 weeks of your submission date.
D: Visit nearest Registered typing center, pay the fees and complete the registration form.
E: Visit residency counter (section) of DNRD to submit your Documents.
F: In normal cases the entry Permit will be sent by EMPOST/ZAJEL within 48 hours.
G: To receive at same time within few minutes, you will need to pay and apply urgent visa Fees.

Fees and Deposit for Entry Permit Visa:
Registration Fee for getting Entry Permit is 110 AED, to get visa early you will have to pay 100 AED extra charges for urgent application.
2000 AED is the deposit amount for Entry Permit Visa and it is refundable only if visa get cancelled or sponsor parent dies. So, please keep the receipt of your deposit amount at safe place, it will also help in renewal and other reimbursement process.

What’s next?
Once you have received EPV (Entry Permit Visa) you can book Air ticket and your parents can enter UAE.

How to Get Residence Visa:
Once your parents entered United Arab Emirates, you need to follow the visa procedures, please note that this visa procedure is limited to 60 Days. Please keep in mind that you need to obtain a medical insurance policy for each parent, with minimum coverage of 600 AED annually.

You will need to provide Below Documents to print visa on parent(s) Passport(s).
Required Documents to Get Residence Visa:
1: Application form
2: 3 Passport Size Photos for each parent with White Background
3: Original Parents Passports
4: Sponsor Original passport
5: Original Entry Permit
6: Medical Card (Insurance Cards) of parents
7: Receipt of Paid Refundable Deposit
8: Original Job Contract or Salary Certificate on company’s Letter Head

Steps to be taken at Residency Office:
Please visit GDRFA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs) once you have prepared above documents.
Pay the Typing fees (110 AED) at typing center and complete the Form, if you are looking or urgent service pay 100 AED extra fee.
Visit the residency section to submit documents.

Admin Advice:
Don’t worry if you are earning less than 20,000 AED, there is still a chance for you to sponsor your Mom and Dad.
Yes, it’s true, Residents can approach the humanitarian desk at DNRD, which will look into all aspects of your case.
You have to show proof (Birth Certificate) that they are the sole provider of the parents and there is no one to look after them in the home country.
If Ministry approved your request, you can sponsor them.

Admin Request:
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