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We have seen some mails and private messages on Social sites regarding “Working on Visit or Tourist Visa in UAE”. So we've decided to write few lines on above mention subject.
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Q: Is working On Visit Visa is Allowed in UAE?
No, According to Interior Ministry of United Arab Emirates, working on Visit or Tourist visa is illegal in all states of United Arab Emirates.

Q:Under which visa Work is allowed in UAE?
A Person can only work if he have a valid employment (Limited/Unlimited) Contract  or approved Visa  by the Ministry of Labour or Concerned Free zone Authority.

Federal Law No 6:
Employing or getting Employed in any state of UAE without a valid Employment Contract or Visa is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE written in Article 11 of the Federal Law No.6 of 1973 regarding Immigration & Residence , states:
"The alien who obtains a visit visa may not work anywhere in the country with or without pay or for his own.

Q: Is their any Fine if caught working on Visit/tourist visa?
A person who caught working on a visit visa will be fined Dh50,000 or more and will face ban by UAE Immigration.
Any individual employing a visitor who is in the UAE on a visit visa will equally guilty as the person who take up employment on visit visa. As per Senior Interior ministry officer “those who are employing visit visa applicants will face tough penalties”.

Q: What if didn't leave country after Visa Expiry?
You have to leave country before expiry of Visit or Tourist Visa, in case if delayed you will be charged 325 AED for the first day and 125 AED from the second day.

Q: Where to Pay Fine?
You will pay all fines in AIRPORT at Immigration desk before leaving the country.
Note:  If visa is issued to a person, he/she  may not work for another individual or an establishment without Approval of the Directorate of Nationality and Immigration with written agreement of the Individual or establishment.

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