Pay Bills on Time or pay Fine (Fewa Announced)

Residence in UAE will need to Pay electricity and water bills on time in UAE or face cuts, 100 AED fine.

Yes, it is true, failure to make timely payment for water and electricity bills in United Arab Emirates will now cost more as the Federal Electricity and Water Authority (Fewa) announced that a fine of 100 AED shall be slapped against all outstanding fees.

This is happening because "Consumers flout rules despite having the service disconnected by staff inspectors after they discovered huge differences between the amount of consumption they recorded and the current ones."
Federal Electricity and Water Authority consumers with pending bills shall be given a grace period of 4 days to make payment; effective from the due time they will receive a notification as a text message on their cell phones, according to a top official.

Text messages will be sent to registered mobile phone numbers of FEWA consumers.

The director general of Fewa Mr. Mohammed Saleh, warned UAE Residence that a fine of 100 AED shall then be added to the consumer's account.

As per Fewa, all bills have now to be settled within maximum 4 days of time."

Earlier, Fewa used to force the consumers with pending bills at all the northern emirates to pay extra 100 AED to reconnect the disrupted utility service, he stated.

"This shall be automatically added to the consumer's account instead after 4 days of an notification as a text message to consumer registered mobile phone."  

Some consumers reportedly reconnect the service in accomplice with the watchmen of their houses in violation of law to avoid paying the 100 AED fine slapped against payment failure, Mr. Mohammed Saleh explained.

As such, this extra money is not new, he underlined. "Consumers used to pay the same to have the service reconnected, but this will be automatically added to the consumer's account instead."

Should the consumer insist on making no payment, the service shall be disconnected with immediate effect, yet with no extra fees for reconnecting the service, Mr. Mohammed Saleh disclosed.

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