UAE Employment Visa Process (step by step guide)


Employment process in UAE:
Read about the employment process from receiving a job offer till receiving of a work permit in the UAE.

Receiving a job offer (offer Letter):
The employment process in the private sector involves receiving a formal job offer, it also known as Job offer Letter, signing the employment contract, receiving a work permit and a work visa.

What is Job Offer Letter:
An offer Letter or Job offer Letter is a formal offer of employment from a company (sponsor). When a company (sponsor) makes a verbal job offer, the hiring manager or HR department of the company will typically call the selected applicant to let them know that they are being offered the job.

What Details need to be written in Job Offer Letter:
The offer letter contains all important details of the job and an annex that summarizes the most important aspects of the UAE Labour Law.
The most common and important details to be included are:
1: Job Description
2: Basic Salary
3: Total Salary
4: Benefits
5: Date of Employment begins etc
Please note that both parties must sign the Job offer letter, it will only become valid once it signed by both parties.

UAE LABOUR LAW about Job Offer Letter:
As per UAE LABOUR LAW, an offer letter made to a foreign (expatriate) worker becomes legally binding after it is signed by both parties. An offer letter to a foreign worker signed by both parties becomes a legal contract.

Can Company change, or Edit Job details after worker sign:
Hence, after signing, the employer (company) is not allowed to alter or replace any provisions of the offer letter unless such changes have the consent of both the employer (company) and the employee (worker), are within the scope of law and do not compromise the rights of the employee (worker).

Do not sign until you understood what is written:
This is company (employer) responsibility to ensure that the employee (worker) has read the offer letter and understood it.
If it is proved in court that a worker (employee) did not go through the details of offer letter before signing the ministry of labour contract, the employer (company) will be fined 20,000 AED for submitting incorrect data to Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

What you have signed in offer letter will print on Ministry Contract:
If the employee (worker) is in the UAE, he must sign the offer letter before the employer can seek MOHRE preliminary approval for his employment process.
Employers must disclose the terms of the offer letter to MOHRE. A copy of the offer letter is stored in the MOHRE database. Employees (workers) are issued work permits or visas based on signed offer letters by candidates or selected applicants.

Signing the Ministry Contract:
The employment contract also known as Ministry of Labour Contract is a document that need to be signed by both the employer (company) and the employee (worker) in which the latter undertakes to serve the company and works under company’s management against an agreed fee paid by the employer (company).
As we have discussed above that the employment contract should be based on the offer letter signed by both parties (company and worker) and must be submitted to MOHRE within 14 days of the employee's (workers) arrival in the UAE based on the employment entry permit or from the date of status change (if you are in a status which allows you to transfer your visa; i.e. not having violated any law).

Language of employment contract:
In January 2016, Ministry approved and added more languages on the job offer and Labour contract.
In addition to Arabic and English, employees (workers) can choose from the following 9 languages:
1: Urdu
2: Bengali
3: Chinese
4: Dari
5: Hindi
6: Malayalam
7: Nepalese
8: Sinhalese
9: Tamil
This applies to workers coming from outside or workers those residing in the UAE that are seeking a new job, changing sponsor or moving from one company to another.

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