UAE-Philippines New Agreement - Private Agencies Closed

Happiest news of the year 2021 not only for Overseas Filipino workers but for everyone residing back in Philippines and wanted to get hired directly by UAE Employers, This big news will make your day.


As we shared in our last breaking news blog in February 2021 that UAE to shut all private hiring companies in March, it is the time to see the results. Almost 95% of companies has been closed and UAE to start direct hiring between UAE and the Philippines.


Yes its true, Concluding a series of meetings held recently in Manila, Philippines, between a delegate from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation led by HE Saif Al Suwaidi, Undersecretary for Human Resources Affairs, and the Labour Minister of Philippines, Silvestre Bello, and HE Saud Al Mualla charge’ d’Affairs at the UAE embassy in Philippines, in addition to senior officials, it was announced that starting April 2021, the UAE will import domestic workers from the Philippines, through the officially authorized channels in both countries.


It will safe half of our hard earned money as the private agencies were charging approximately between 10,000 AED to 20,000 AED from a single domestic worker with no guarantee of rights and benefits.


Whereas now direct hiring by UAE Government will cut the amount of visa expense in half. Not only the visa charges but this direct import of workers from Philippines to UAE will also protect the labour rights.


In February, The UAE minister asked why private hiring agencies that brought in domestic workers illegally on visit/tourist visas and sent them to local families to work as housemaids were allowed to operate?


He said the "black market” did not protect the rights of the employers or the housemaids; All “black market” agencies must be shut down.


“These businesses do not guarantee the worker will stay with the family, but when you pay just 10,000 AED for 2 years, this is what you can expect,” Mr Al Rahoomi more added.


New Agreement 2021:

HE Saif Al Suwaidi said that the meetings with Philippine’s parties reflect the ministry’s strategy set to further cooperate with labour exporting countries towards meeting the needs of employers and families living in the UAE.


This agreement is said to control and regulate the recruitment process to protect the rights of all parties and lower the total cost of recruiting labourers, added HE Saif Al Suwaidi.


Issues of Domestic Workers:

As per UAE Labours Blog information (collected through surveys, emails and private messages) that domestic staff hired by private agencies were facing:


1.     Low Salary Issues

2.     No benefits

3.     No Holidays

4.     No Gratuity Payments

5.     No Annual Leave Payments

6.     No Rest time

7.     High visa expenses

8.     Wrong Absconding cases

9.     Holding of travel documents

10. Cancellation Issues


It’s true that private recruitment agencies are failed to protect the rights of domestic workers, because they could not ensure that their salaries were paid on time. Many domestic workers quit before the end of their contract and the private agencies offered no guarantee that they would honour the contract.

As per HE Saif Al Suwaidi “We will start a new page based on regulations and standards that respect human rights,” told to members of the Federal National Council.

Hopefully it will help everyone across UAE and Philippines. Share this good news with your fellow Filipinos, Share if you care.

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  1. Do you allow a Philippine driving license to apply for temporarily while staying in Abudhabi for 90 days visit /tourist visa


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