No OEC for Filipinos if they Don't Pay 3% of their salary to PhilHealth

No OEC will be issued to OFWs if they haven't paid 3 percent Philhealth contribution. Read more details here

Yes it is true and confirmed by Philippines Health Insurance Cooperation that all overseas Filipino workers are now required to pay their missed PhilHealth dues before securing the Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC).

Citing the Universal Healthcare Law, all OFWs  entering or leaving Philippines are required to pay for their PhilHealth premiums before the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) released OEC, a document that required for balik manggagawa.

In a circular posted by PhilHealth on Facebook, payments should be made every three months, six months or every year. To read the official circular of Philhealth, Click Below Link.

How much do an OFW need to pay?
Expats 3% premium rate will be computed based on monthly salary, with the range at Php 10,000 (AED 730) to Php 60,000 (AED 4,385).

If a person’s salary is higher than AED 4,385, he is still entitled to Php 1,800 (AED 132) on a monthly basis, or the 3 percent of the income ceiling.

(Dh1 = Php 13.77)

“While the premium is computed based on the monthly income, payment shall me made every 3-months, 6-month or full 12-month period,” PhilHealth statement read.

The health authority added that 2020 serves as the transition year, so initial payment of Php 2,400 (AED 175) can be made to meet the new policy requirements.

The remaining balance, on the other hand, shall be settled within the year.

Filipinos in UAE are not happy on the decision and saying that it is not a good time to raise this issue due to the COVID-19 impact with several Filipinos currently on a ‘No Work No Pay’ basis, and those payments should not be mandatory across all OFWs.

Those who missed to pay will be charged extra:

As per statement “A member who fails to pay the premium after the due date set by the corporation shall be required to pay all missed contributions with monthly compounded interest,”.

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