45 New People Tests Positive for COVID-19, Check Nationalities of All

The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) on Monday, March 23, confirmed 45 new cases of coronavirus, the highest single-day cases since the outbreak, bringing the total number of confirmed Covid-19 infections in the UAE to 198.

One of infected case was outside UAE and didn’t follow home quarantine, infecting 17 people of his family and colleagues through direct contact.

Nationality of Newly infected patients:

The 45 individuals diagnosed with the new coronavirus include:

1.     Seven Indians
2.     Seven Emiratis
3.     Four Pakistanis
4.     Four US Nationals
5.     Three from Bangladesh
6.     Two from Canada
7.     One Filipino
8.      One Iraqi
9.      One Tunisian
10.  One Syrian
11.  One Kuwaiti
12.  One Italian
13.  One Peru
14.  One British citizen.
15. One Ethiopian
16. One from Lebanon
17. One Somali
18.  One from Sudan
19. One Egyptian
20. One from Ireland
21. One Russian
22. Ne Montenegro citizen
23. One from France
24. One from Poland

MoHAP confirmed that the cases are being monitored, and individuals are currently in a stable condition and are receiving all necessary healthcare required.

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MoHAP assured that medical facilities have been equipped with all the necessary medical equipment and supplies to provide care and take all measures required to deal with Covid-19.

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The ministry advised the members of the general public to adhere to preventative health and personal hygiene measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic. Ministry also urged people not to leave homes unless emergency.

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