Don't Violate Dubai "Manatili Sa Bahay" Initiative or Pay AED 1 Million Fine

The authorities in the UAE have reiterated the importance of a newly launched initiative called #StayHome or #ManatiliSaBahay in Filipino. Dubai Police has repeatedly stressed the importance of residents fully complying with directives issued by authorities to safeguard public health.

Everyone should follow the new initiative, hence it is for the safety of UAE citizens and residents, if not so, the non-compliance with safety measures will lead to imprisonment and/or a fine of between 200, 000 Dirhams and 1 million Dirhams, the police said.

European National Arrested:
Dubai Police have arrested a European national of Arab origin for posting a video showing her indifference to the #StayHome national campaign and encouraging people to defy authorities' social distancing instructions.

According to Dubai Police, legal measures were taken against her and the case has been referred to the public prosecution.

Earlier, the police had arrested beach-goer for publishing a video showing himself visiting a local beach, in violation of instructions issued by the police and relevant authorities via social media.

The police have warned everyone to not violate local and federal laws, as well as instructions issued by security authorities, adding that anyone violating these measures will be held fully legally accountable.

Dubai Police called on the public to follow clear instructions, laws and guidelines issued by official authorities, stressing that ignorance of these laws is unacceptable and anyone violating them is irresponsible.

Link: How to Register Complaint

On other-side a tagalized message campaign ‘#StayHome’ by UAE is now getting viral as certain Dubai police car parades it in UAE streets. Photos of Dubai Police fleet showing #ManatiliSaBahay have gone viral, with some Filipinos being flattered for recognizing their existence and language in the UAE.

"The law will strictly deal with anyone risking the security, safety and comfort of members of our society," it affirmed.

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