Taal Volcano Photos: Thousands evacuated due to Fires, Earthquake and Health Problems

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Following the eruption of Taal Volcano on January 12, the public is urged to remain cautious and take note of the possible effects that can affect them in the following days.

Below are the very sad scenes of residents evacuating in #Talisay and #Batangas due to the heavy eruption of Taal Volcano shared by Philippine Weather System/Pacific Storm Update.

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Thousands of residents near the Taal Volcano’s ‘danger zone’ have been evacuated Sunday evening as the Philippines’ National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC), in cooperation with the local government, aids residents to get to safety.

taal volcano 2020

Reports from Reuters reveal that around 8,000 residents are being evacuated as of press time, with 6,000 residents confirmed safe and out of the danger zone.

Authorities have consolidated efforts to rescue and ensure the safety of civilians as they prepare ahead of the ‘imminent hazardous eruption’ of Taal Volcano.

Photos posted at the Facebook page of the PWS/PSU show residents from Talisay, Batangas rounded up by the authorities to lead them to evacuation centers.

Batangas has reportedly experienced over 30 successive earthquakes with a minimum of 3.0 magnitudes since the ash and smoke spewed out from Taal Volcano.

Both rescuers and residents brave through the ash fall that has struck nearby areas of Taal and Luzon since early afternoon.

Aside from forced evacuation currently ongoing for the residents within the 17 kilometer danger zone, residents are advised to take note of the disastrous effects that the eruption may produce.

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Some of the possible effects of a hazardous volcanic eruption which need to be share with everyone include:

1. Weather Change: the volcanic eruption can cause rain and thunderstorms. In some cases, eruptions can have long-term climate effects, such as making the temperature cooler.

2. Fires, earthquakes, and health problems: Fast-moving lava may cause casualties, and ash fall may cause respiratory, skin and breathing problems.

3. Flora and fauna casualties: Lava spewed from a volcanic eruption can kill plants and animals.

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4. Volcanic tsunami: PHIVOLCS has warned against a possible volcanic tsunami  as the violent submarine Taal’s explosion from eruption may cause possible surges from the lake surrounding the volcano.

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