Good News | Enjoy 4 Holidays starting December 1


Good news of the year, UAE Residents to enjoy 4 days long weekend on the occasion of UAE Commemoration Day and UAE National Day 2021 starting December 1.

Yes it’s true; according to the MOHRE, and Federal Authority for Government Human Resources, the residents will have holidays starting from Wednesday, December 1, 2021 to mark the Commemoration Day. And another 2 days break on Thursday, December 2 and Friday, December 3 to celebrate UAE National Day.

December 1:

UAE will celebrate commemoration day on December 1, Wednesday. Commemoration day also known as Martyr’s day is a national occasion to remember the ultimate sacrifice of the noblest sons of the UAE who gave up their lives for the glory of this great nation, to defend its security and interests.

December 2 -3:

The UAE will celebrate its 50th National Day on December 2-3 (Thursday and Friday). UAE National Day marks the unification of all 7 Emirates into one nation. From dazzling firework displays to elaborate parades and glittering ceremonies, UAE National Day is a time when locals and expatriates gather together to celebrate.

December 4:

Following 3 public holidays, since Saturday, December 4 is a weekend, the federal employees (government and free zone staff) would have 4-day break. They will resume work from Sunday December 5.

Link: UAE New Labour Law 2022

So, if you are planning and wondering a short winter break, we have an update for you, and yes December is the best month to enjoy your holidays with friends or family members. 

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  1. Is there any penalty imposed for employers forcing their employees to work on Public holidays? Our company is under oil manufacturing industry and the owner refused to give us holidays and wants us to work same like regular days without any additional compensation.


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