New Work Permit Fees Announced by MOHRE

entry permit reduced fee in uae

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has started reducing fees for 145 services and transactions with anywhere from 50% to 94% (per cent) fee reduction which will help Companies, residents as well as job seekers in UAE.

The new reduced fees/rates come as part of the implementation of a Cabinet decision on the service fees and fines levied by MOHRE.

The move is being implemented through service centres including:


Positive Sign for Job Market and Businesses:

Nasser Bin Thani Al Hameli, Minister of MOHRE pointed out that the new reduced fees will enhance the flexibility of the labour market. Moreover, the move is expected to meet the needs of private sector businesses for workers already in the country, and enable those who are sponsored by their families to invest their energies through working in the private sector.
At the same time, with the fee reductions, UAE companies would have additional options to meet their operational needs.

How this New UAE Reduce Fees Structure will work?

The ministry explained that the revised fee structure for issuing work permits is linked to a new classification system of companies based on the skills level and the diversity of workers in UAE.

To read new classification system, please keep reading till end.

First Category:
Profession in category 1 includes specialized professions which needed a high degree of scientific and technical skills with minimum of a university degree such as:

1.     Management Staff
2.     HR Officer
3.     Finance Manger
4.     Sales Manager
5.     Engineer
6.     Doctors
7.     Surgeons
8.     Physicians
9.     Clinicians
10. Pharmacist
11. Lawyers
12. Administration Officer
13. Reservation Officer
14. Public Relation Officer
15. Accountants
16. Teachers
17. Professors
18. Draughtsman
19. Advertising Designer
20. Graphics Designer
21. Marketing Specialist
22. Quantity Surveyor
23. Executive Secretary
24. Accounts Clerk
25. Computer Operator

Second Category:
Profession in category 2 includes Technical occupations that require practical and supervisory skills as well as scientific and technical skills with study of 2 or 3 years after high school.

1.     Technicians
2.     Mechanics
3.     Software Developers
4.     Web Developers
5.     Telecom Technicians
6.     Architectural Technicians
7.     Auto Mechanics

Third Category:
Category 3 skill level requires secondary school qualification which includes Practical and Professional skills such as:

1. Sales Staff
2. Sales Executive
3. Sales Supervisor
4. Sales Representative
5. Site Supervisor
6. Customer Service Representative
7. Call center agents
8. Administration Clerk
9. Customs Clearing Clerk
10. Customs Clearing Agent
11. Customs Representative
12. Cash Desk Clerk
13. Clerk Assistant
14. Archive Clerk
15. Ticketing Clerk
16. Cashier
17. Receptionist
18. Switch Board Operator
19. Store Keeper
20. Tourist Guide
21. Documents Controller
22. Documentation In charge

Fourth Category:
Category 4 skill level includes job that require practical and vocational skills related to only part of the work.

1. Drivers
2. Maid
3. Nanny
4. Cleaner
5. Laborer
6. Blue-collor worker
7. Office Boy
8. Office Girl
9. Beauty Saloon
10. Barber (Hairdresser)
11. Messenger
12. Loading & Unloading workers
13. Ordinary Labourer
14. Painters
15. Steel Fixer
16. Plumber
17. Construction worker
18. Other General Labours

Fifth Category:
The category 5 skill level includes a segment of the workforce associated with a limited skill set.

As mentioned above, the reduce fee structure can be use for applications fees of different work permits such as part time work permit, temporary work permit, teenager work permit, the training permit, the worker’s provisional permit as well as the decree also reduced the annual license fee by 50% for employment agencies too.

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