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New Vehicle Registration & Licensing Fee in UAE

A new unified federal fee structure for UAE vehicle registration and testing as well as driver licensing has come into effect all, according to the resolution published in the official gazette, Article 2 stipulates that MOI (Ministry of Interior) will coordinate with licensing authorities to render, develop and improve all services and update systems used in this area, in accordance with Federal Law No. 21 of 1995.
Registration and Licensing Fee in Dubai

New unified federal fee structure for vehicle services came into force on 1st December 2017, Issued by His Highness Shaikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

His Highness, Shaikh Mohammad issued the Ministerial Decision No. 30 for 2017 on 4th October to regulate traffic services and safety, which was printed in the updated edition of the official federal gazette.
The implementation of the decision means all fees related to new or old vehicle registration and testing as well as driver licenses have been revised.

Vehicle Registration Fee:
According to the revised fee structure, light vehicle motorists will now have to pay 400 AED for first time registration (new registration), 350 AED for renewal which was 250 AED earlier in Dubai.
Change of ownership or transferring ownership will cost 350 AED and re-registration will cost 400 AED.

Public Transport Registration Fee:
Similar charges are imposed on registration of public transport as well, light vehicle testing fee that was 120 AED earlier in Dubai will now cost 150 AED.

Opening of Driving License Fee:
The latest fee structure in UAE also includes an increase in the fees for opening new traffic file for driving licence, which will now cost 200 AED.

Issuing, Renewal or Lost Driving License Fee:
Issuance of driving licence for 1 year, renewal or reissuance of lost or damaged driving licence will cost owners 100 AED, the issuance of driving licence for more than 1 year will cost 300 AED.

Transferring International Driving License Fee:
Transferring home country’s driving licence to the UAE, wherever applicable, will cost 600 AED.

This new revised fee structure will be charged in addition to service charges and other related fees taken by authorities concerned in different emirates.

Below is the full list of New Fee Structure.

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  1. How much will be the penalty of 1 month late registration for light vehicle/car


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