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JOB #1:
Administrative Office Assistant (Female Staff)

Job Description:
We Blue Ginger catering LLC Looking for Administrative Office assistant lady.
She should be well versed with computer and MS Office applications.
Basic knowledge of Accounts.
Keeping records and Documentation.
Communication and General Correspondence.
Assisting and supporting other departments.
Preference will be given to Husband/Sponsorship visa candidates and Capable freshers will be considered.

Salary: After Interview.

Benefits: As per UAE LABOUR LAW.

Education: High School/Secondary.

Experience: 0 - 1 Year Required.

Contact: +971-566-4039--

JOB #2:
Executive Secretary

Job Description:
We are looking for an experienced Secretary based in Dubai, to provide a full range of secretarial and administrative services and office support.
The candidate should enjoy working in a fast-paced environment and should be able to adapt to different working styles and needs. The ideal candidate must be proactive and able to prioritize and multi-task with attention to detail and confidentiality. This position requires an individual who is resourceful and has excellent organizational and interpersonal skills to interact in a professional manner at all levels.

Indian or Filipino welcome to send CV

Office Duties:
Answer phones and direct calls as necessary
Greet and direct visitors
Order office supplies and maintain supply cabinets
Assist in office purchase order creation and follow-up
Run general corporate errands
Comply with company office operations policies and procedures
maintain filing systems and Office Records: Building and equipment leases, etc
carry out company car contracts and daily needs
Manage and maintain chairman schedules
Assist with day to day administrative duties including organizing files and databases, correspondence, scheduling, document production, meeting and event arrangements, and data entry
Coordination of meetings and conference calls
Planning and coordination of offsite events
Effectively communicate and work with external clients and customers
Manage and update organizational charts and distribution lists
Additional projects as directed or assigned.

Salary: 6000 – 8000 AED

Benefits: Insurance, Air Ticket.

Education: High School/Secondary

Experience: 2 – 5 Years Required

Email: This vacancy is full now.

Contact: Removed.

JOB #3:
Office Assistant / Admin Assistant

Job Description:
We are currently looking to hire a full time Admin Assistant or Office Assistant with background in accounting and administrative tasks. Can handle independently Admin matters. Good salary will be offered to the right candidate.

Salary: 6000 – 8000 AED.

Benefits: Transportation.

Education: High School/Secondary.

Experience: 0 - 1 Years Required.

Email: Not Available.

Contact: 056-63128--.


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