No more Typing Centers to apply visas, new system launched

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No more Typing shops:
Visa processing at typing centers in Dubai has already stopped, as FIFTY (50) new smart centers named Amer, are set to replace more than 600 typing centres starting November 1 2017.

(GDRFA) General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs earlier announced that 50 Amer centers, a one-stop shop that allows residents to complete all visa and residency transactions under one roof, will replace 600 typing centres from November 1.

It was April 2016 when the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai (GDRFA) introduced the ‘UAE vision’ new system, which allows public to apply for all kind of visa and residency related transactions only via typing service centres approved by the residency department.

It was mandatory for all to visit “Approved Typing Center” to complete Visa Applications, but now it is closed.

On Wednesday, many typing centres across the emirate reported that the system used for typing residence visa applications was accordingly disabled. Typing centres will no longer be able to process visa applications.

"Our system for processing visa applications was disabled today (Wednesday). From now on, people can only approach Amer centres for family visa processing," said Typing center owner.

Al Dana Documents Clearing (Typing Centre) in Dubai also reported the blockage of their visa processing system. A customer service representative confirmed that family visa applications will no longer be processed through typing centres. "We will lose a lot of customers who come and type their family visa applications, after this decision," the representative said.

Mohammed Nidash from Happy Way Typing Centre in Dubai said although GDRFA gave a deadline for visa applications services, their systems still continue to work. "We are still receiving customers who are applying for visa renewal or visa issuance, but we expect the service to stop in the few coming days as it did with other printing centres," said Mohammed Nidash.

Nidash confirmed that GDRFA notified the staff of all typing centres about the disable of visa applications starting November 1.

How to Apply or Renew Visa through AMER:
Typing centers are closed but Amer Centres has been launched to simplify transactions and increase efficiency.
Yes, AMER will replace typing centers while enabling residents to finish off many services in one go.

It will provide services including issuing entry permits, issuing or renewing residency visa, visa cancellation among other related services provided by other government institutions and departments.
Amer centres are expected to reduce processing time and efforts by the applicants as they are no longer required to visit GDRFA offices to apply or cancel their residency visas.

AMER Location:
There are currently 2 Amer centers through which residents can finish visa and residency transactions; the first one was opened in Al Muhaisnah 4 area in May, while the second was inaugurated earlier in October at Al Kifaf Municipality center.

No changes in Fees:
More such centers will be opened in different locations across Dubai to provide many services for centers in one place with no increase in transaction fees or documents required for residency and visa transactions.

Major Salem Mohammad Ali, director of Client Happiness Centre at the (GDRFA), had previously told Khaleej Times that an Amer centre should be able to handle at least 5,000 to 6,000 transactions daily.

"With this expected volume, each centre requires big space," he added.

"If all necessary documents are provide, a transaction can be finished at the earliest in less than half day or maximum of 48 hours if a courier is required," Major Salem Mohammad Ali had said.

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