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Good New, Residence can now check their HAAD Application status Online.

HAAD, The Health Authority, Abu Dhabi launched an online e-sick leave verification tool and a Smart Phone Application as well on Saturday.

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The New E-sick leave system is a web-based application that supports the issuance and attestation of sick leave certificates by medical department at HAAD.

This Online Smart system will help employers to verify and confirm the validity of sick leave while sitting in office, there is no need to visit or contact HAAD for the confirmation.

It will also allow employee (patients) to verify the status of their sick leave notes online.

Click here if you are looking to check your Own.

Sick leaves are identified as two types, short term, and long term.

Short term sick leaves extend to 7 days maximum and are automatically approved by the e-sick leave system, and long term sick leaves extended to more than 7 days and are subject to the approval of medical committee members at ABU DHABI HEALTH AUTHORITY.

As per HAAD Customer & Community Manager Mr. Mubarak Ali Al Mazrouei, “the e-sick leave verification system aims to curb from sick leave fraud and allows employers to verify the authenticity of sick leave notes, as well as providing patients with access to know the status of their sick leave, while maintaining their rights and confidentiality.”

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