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Philippines Community & UAE issues

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Major Filipino’s expats issues in UAE

The United Arab Emirates is the country of opportunities where almost every person faces some issues in the beginning due to the migration from other countries.  It is the major and the most important factor for every human who migrates for the purpose of new opportunity and a new change in their living style. same with Philippines community, they face numerous issues in the UAE. 

The biggest problem is that they see one side of the picture, ignoring the downside. We have noticed that there is no voice for them, or there is no platform raising their issues online through social site.

So, as a No#1 Uae Labours Community Blog, we are going to discuss or disclose Major Filipino’s issues in UAE one after another.
Issues Begin..!

Low Salary:
The UAE, especially Dubai is one of the most ultra-expensive and advance city of the globe. These 2 cities are pretty expensive for workers who are earning just 1500 to 2500 AED a month. Expats who are taking good salaries starting 10000 AED to 15000 AED can live and enjoy their life with families and friends. 
Its Depends on your qualification, work experience and company background but the truth is that salaries are low for Filipino nationals in UAE, usually, they didn't get high paid jobs opportunities in the very first attempt. 

It makes extremely hard to live here in Dubai or in Abu Dhabi with low budget income. They can't bring family with them in the UAE.
Low salaries with high challenging jobs is affecting Filipino very hard.
Upcoming fresh Filipinos are advised that they should make strong financial business strategies before taking any risk. 

Cultural disparity:
The Cultural disparity is not the major Filipinos expats issue but it can harm newbie Filipinos in the UAE. They need to be more active for better results. Please don’t forget you are living in a Muslim country, you have to follow their law, specially in Holy month of RAMADAN,  eating, drinking, smoking and indecent clothing or acts are not allowed in public places, in case you did you will be in trouble.

You need tolerance to handle this situation in every aspect. You may face poor work design by some companies, unsatisfactory living and working conditions, lack of support from other national colleagues and senior staff including managers, supervisors or HR department, So, be aware of all above things.
Some studies show that 4.06% people face the cultural difference in UAE.

Health Care:
Although, UAE is best in class with medical care worldwide but Filipino nationals are quite soft mentally and as well as physically, due to their Physical elasticity they are facing heat stroke that is characterized by high body temperature, skin issues especially to people with light skin color, heart diseases, high blood pressure, depression due to stress associated with short temperateness, change in sleep pattern, felling lonely, helpless or tiredness because of long working hours are some of the sign of depression, lungs illness due to high cholesterol, smoking and wines drinking,  are the most common Filipino Health issues in UAE.

Domestic workers:
As per our record Maids, Nannies, General helpers, female cleaners and other domestic workers who are working in local villas were in deep trouble due to long working hours, low salary range. They are also complaining for no day off, most of them are working without any leave salary and air fare. They even do not have their passports with themselves. So facing above issues on daily basis they are looking for exit.
Thousands of Filipinos are facing runaway cases across UAE especially in the Emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 

Once they run away, the sponsor file a complaint against them with absconding case at immigration. After leaving local villas, they think they might save but not, yes they can work anywhere but let me tell you this is UAE for you, they cannot allow you to work illegally anywhere in UAE. Once you are arrested you will be banned for life time.

So be alert, do not take wrong step, and if you are facing above issues while working as a domestic worker try to solve it legally by getting another visa. Complete your contract with current sponsor and apply for a better job.

To know how to get another visa without facing ban and other issues click here.

Sexual/illegal Relationship:
Love cases are another major expat issues faced by Filipinos in the UAE. 
The law and obligations of UAE are strict and rigid for all Residence no matter who they are. 
Once you are here in United Arab Emirates, starting learning and following law because ignorance of the law won’t exempt you from trouble. 
UAE Labour Law is not allowing you for extra-marital or living relationship affairs at any cost and it is strictly prohibited having kids without court or Islamic Marriage in UAE. 
Please note that UAE is a Muslim country and they follow sharia law, living in together, indecent clothing, kissing in public place is strictly forbidden. If you do then do it at your own risk. 
A couple who were involved in any illegal activity will get punishment by UAE authorities, it can be jail, penalty, 6 months ban or it may give you a life time ban. Please be aware!!

Before getting married or proceeding any relationship with opposite gender, you have to read out this Important Article regarding how to get married in UAE.

UAE is a Luxurious country with world-class facilities and services.
You (Philippine nationals) are not here only to eat, drink and sleep, you are here for savings, yes we (workers) are not UAE Nationals, we have to leave this country and sure no body want to leave this country with empty bags or zero bank balance.

We are not stopping you from shopping or from buying smart phones and gadgets, you have right to change your life style but don’t forget the bad days or other side of the  picture.

Yes don’t put your self in debts, do not purchase anything from your credit card until you have full amount to pay, our advice to newbie Filipino’s don’t buy loans, as there are thousands of banned expats counting their bad days due to the debt’s, credit card and loan issues in United Arab Emirates.

Last words: Filipinos need to consider all the down pitfalls into account before moving on!!

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  1. if you are a runaway maid is there any possible to fix your status without lifetime band until you still here so that you can be legal again.

    1. Yes there is, Please READ our new Article
      How to enter UAE Again, or simply follow below URL
      Thank You

  2. Hi goodevening, I have my friend who stay in abu dhabi right now, he is a barman/bartender. His boss files a case against them our kabayan also and India nationality, the incident is 3 cashier making money /taking money on the counter. As a person working in bar, they have the strategy to have make money, they call it "padjak" or taking order and not putting the money inside counter, now the case still going, 3 months now. He's visa already finish, and he's boss did not allowed them to work anymore. Any possible things he can make, so he can go home in the Philippines, he's not yet cancelled he is waiting. He dont have money any more for his everyday expenses. And he's boss not giving there money o any seperation money, Please help or any suggestions

  3. How to enter UAE again for 1year ban after deported in gcc become lifetime ban.How to enter UAE again what to do their is a way to comeback thier? Can I pay sir ?


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