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Free Wifi & Sharjah Smart Bins

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Over the weekend, Sharjah made it easier for people to be connected, by adding WiFi capabilities to their recycling bins across the emirate. As well as the WiFi, the new bins, the new innovative bin has been created by Bee'ah, Sharjah Environment and waste management company.

Fahad Shehail, Bee’ah chief development officer said: “we are pleased to be collaborating with the UAE’s innovation week.

He more added “ Innovation has been the core of all our operations, which is why we are leading the way in the environmental field, not only in Sharjah but in the United Arab Emirates.

10 new units have been added across Sharjah, which is phase 1 of the installation plan that will last for a month, the aim it to have over 100 bins installed around Sharjah and Dubai.

The bins are equipped with intelligent sensors that communicate with command center once it is full, so the collection staff can come to empty it.

Currently the bins are being rolled out in highly populated areas, with more expected to be added across the different states of UAE at the end of this Year.

Bee’ah also released its Smart Phone app which residents can use to find nearest recycling locations or to communicate direct with the Bee’ah service center.

Some other key futures including the ability to upload pictures that are geographically tagged for collection request.

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