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Students are eligible to work in UAE (Updated Rules)

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Asalam-oa-likum, Hello and Marhaba to UAE Expats.
We are here with a Good News for UAE students from all over the Globe.
Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation announced a new decree, which empowers students to complete training periods and fill positions in the private sector after obtaining work permits.

The conditions of the decree stipulates that the guardians of students aged 12 to 18 years should produce a written consent for training purposes, while those aged 15 to 18 years should seek work permit.

The decree also grants national and foreign students similar conditions, in terms of benefits and advantages to those already filling the same spot.
The decree (rule) further orders the management to fulfill with the necessary procedures and qualities of the permitted work during the training periods.

According to MOHRE, the decree falls within the framework of implementing tasks assigned to the ministry in terms of labour market management in line with vision of the future government to develop human resources and invest in their capabilities, so that they improve productivity and participation in labour market in future.

As per the authorized temporary work permit, the facilities can hire Emirati and Foreigner students registered or non-registered in the ministry’s database, including students to work on projects with completion periods not exceeding 6 months, with 500 AED as permit fee.

The Ministry also grants temporary work permit for facilities to use nationals or non-nationals registered in the ministry database including students, to work lesser hours in the same job as filled by counterparts for a period not exceeding one year, with fee of 500 AED.

The ministry offers juvenile work permits to employ nationals or non-nationals in the age group 15 to 18 years, which enable them to work for a period not exceeding a year, with a fee of 500 AED.

Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation urges companies to appoint students to work not more than 6 hours a day, and grants them one or more hours of rest, breaks, to eat or pray, and has warned against keep them on duty for more than 4 consecutive hours a day.

The student work permits can be availed from Tas’heel Service Centres or through the ministry’s smartphone applications online.

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