UAE Family visa cancellation from Outside country (New Rule)

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We have been asked by our visitors:
Q: How to cancel UAE Residence Visa if we are out from the Country?
Q: Can we cancel our Residency without making a trip back to UAE?
Q: What are the required documents to cancel UAE Residence Visa?
Q: What if a family stayed more than 6 months outside UAE?

We already answered above questions in FAQ’s Sections but some readers couldn’t get it yet. So we are writing here again a full process with requirements regarding how to cancel residence visa from outside UAE?

This Article is for those residents who wish to cancel their residency while living (staying)  in their home countries.  
No more UAE?
If you have planned to leave UAE forever or may couldn’t came back due to financial, family or any other issues, and worrying about your UAE Residency visa?
Don’t worry, you will not require to book a ticket and trip back to UAE, yes cancelling UAE residency from your home countries is possible now.
According to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, there is a service made available to those who wish to cancel their residency while staying outside the country. 

Out from UAE for more than 6 Months:
It is our Advise to all UAE Residents that please cancel your residency visa when you are relocating from United Arab Emirates, because if you have a valid residence visa and didn’t came back to UAE within 6 months, your visa will become invalid (expired) automatically.
For residents who have stayed more than six moths outside UAE will require below Documents:
1. A Cancellation Request of Residence E-form with sponsor signature.
2. Original Passport or Departure Statement the person being sponsored showing the residency visa has expired.

Out from UAE for Less than 6 Months:
Residents who have stayed less than 6 months outside the country will need below documents to cancel Residency:
1. A request cancellation of residence e-form with sponsor signature.
2. Passports of sponsored person or expiry of the residency outside the country.

Please note that the sponsored person's residency may be cancelled without staying more than 6 months or expiry of their residency in case of cancelling the residency of their sponsor. The UAE ID card is also needed to avail this service.

Once you have done and completed above mention documents, you will need to pay 70 AED of  cancellation fee paid by the (e-form) to typist and amount of 130 AED as a departure fee.
As soon as this is done, it will take minimum 1 working day as processing time.

Please leave your comments, FAQ’s below, we will answer you ASAP. 

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Thank you For Your Time,
Please Share this Rule with All UAE Family Residents for Awareness



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