Whether your loved ones gone for a month or a year, they will surely adjust better to returning home if they are welcomed back warmly, so let Welcome everybody here.
After a long period, almost 1 year we are back Live.
Let celebrate that returning moments with our Fans all around the Globe.
Thank You very much for your patience. 
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Admin (Uae Labours)



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  2. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I just want to asked about my case. I went to dubai in employmet visa in the year 2014 as I have suffered from Tuberculous in childhood so there is a scar in my chest. So when they have done the medical in dubai they found a scar,after that they have also done saliva test but nothing has found and I also told them that I have suffered from Tuberculous in my childhood and I have done the treatment and I am not facing any problem . But when they have given the report they mentioned in it OLD TB and because of the reason company sent back to India. After coming to India I have consulted a doctor and also done all the test whether I am still suffering from Tuberculous or not . The doctor overhere has given the fitness certificate .So is it possible to again visit UAE or re-apply for the job …Need your guidance urgently ....


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