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How to Increase YouTube Subscribers over 300%

How to Increase YouTube Subscribers 


Are you wondering how Channels are getting thousands of Subscribers?

If you own a channel and want to be one of them then try below trick. it is very simple and 100% legal way to increase your subscribers or Audience.

Before starting please note that internet is full of "How to increase YouTube Subscribers", some of them are simply amazing while few tricks are totally fake and can move your YouTube Channels toward destruction.

Please always follow gentle tips and Tricks.

Here we go...!

YouTube Subscriber Button is the key to Grow audience or to get your content in front of more users.

This is what  a typical YouTube Channel looks like when some one visit. 

YouTube Subscriber Button tucked away up in the top right corner.

Here is the trick.
Convert your YouTube Channel button into a popup window or you can say a welcome window. see below image with center Subscribing Button.

How it works?
Whenever someone visit your YouTube Channel, your YouTube Channel Button will welcome them with Subscriber button.

How to create a Popup subscriber button?
Copy your Channel URL and paste it somewhere.

Now add this text after your channel name.  ?sub_confirmation=1

It will looks like

Now your Channel URL is converted into a pop up or welcome window to prompt viewers to subscribe your channel, and believe me it will increase your subscribers and will also improve your channel rating by over 300%.

1. If you are sending a subscription mail to someone through Email, Always Send new URL along with ?sub_confirmation=1 as a Link.
2. Write above URL on User pages or subscriber pages (Website or Blogs etc)
3. Add same URL to all links related to your YouTube Channels.

Thank You For your Time
I hope it will work, Please do not leave without Subscribing our Channel by clicking below button.



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