Duty Timings announced for UAE Expats (Man & Women)

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UAE Authorities Announced the Duty Timings for UAE Workers, Young Male Expats and women employees may not be asked to work late hours and companies are expected to honor the set timings.

According to Article 23 of the UAE Labour Law, youth (Young Individuals) may not be engaged at night in industrial enterprises.
Night means a period of 12 consecutive hours at least including the period from 08:00 pm until 06:00 am.

Duty Hours:
As per Article 25, the maximum effective working hours shall be 6 hours per day, with 1 hours break, and this 1 hour can be used for prayers, Meal etc.

Duty Time for Women:
Article 27 clarifies that women may not be employed at night.
The word ‘night’ here speak of to a period of 11 consecutive hours at least including the period from 10:00 pm until 07:00 am.

However, there are certain exceptions
here, if employee is working in an managerial (Administrative) or works in health (medical) services and other jobs determined by the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs.
For the rest of the workers, Article 65, mentions the maximum number of ordinary working hours for adult workers shall be 8 hours per day, or 48  hours per week.

Please note that “The number of hours may be increased to 9 hours per day for people employed in trade, hotels, cafeterias, security and other jobs in consultation with the Ministry of Labour”.
Furthermore, the daily number of working hours may be reduced for strenuous or harmful works after a decision from the establishments.

The Law states that any hours worked in excess of the ‘normal hours’ (which vary depending on whether the employee normally works five or six days per week) shall be treated as overtime

Many firms also operate on shifts if they have to work long hours or round the clock. In such cases the employees can work at odd hours but the number of work hours should be followed.

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