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Meet the First Pakistani to be Represent in WWE

Baadshah Pehlwan Khan is the First Pakistani WWE Wrestler

Baadshah Pehlwan Khan, 21 years of age recently lives in Paris is a pro-wrestler working for Wrestling Stars (also known as Catch WS), which is Europe’s number 1 pro-wrestling Company.

Baadshah Pehlwan khan Basically from Wah-Cant (city near Islamabad) have set his audition in WWE’s reality show ‘Tough enough’.
Tough enough’ is a golden opportunity for the young wrestlers to get chance to represent in WWE, which is dream of millions wrestlers.

The reality show hosts a total of 15 contestants (10 men, 5 women) the winner will be rewarded $250,000. All of the participants are provided professional training and compete to get contract with WWE.

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