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2 Million painkillers found in Abu Dhabi

Two million painkillers found hidden in car in Abu Dhabi

A suspected drug smuggler was caught with two million pills worth more than Dhs100 million on the street, police said.
The 27-year-old man was caught on the Saudi-UAE border crossing at Ghuwaifat on Thursday, Abu Dhabi Police said.
Officers said the huge haul had been carefully hidden inside the seats in his 4×4 and in the car’s body panels.
Colonel Rashid Mohammed Bourshid, director of CID, said the suspect was caught in coordination with Dubai Police after the force was tipped off that the man was attempting to smuggle illegal anaesthetics.
The suspect is from a GCC country but his nationality was not released by police.
“The man was caught with anaesthetic drugs worth Dhs104 million. He was hiding the drugs in his vehicle,” said Bourshid.
He said several bottles of alcohol were also found. Police said the man confessed to attempting to smuggle drugs out of the UAE.
The suspect with some of the drugs in Abu Dhabi.

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