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10 Great Things Happened this Month in Pakistan (May 2015)

As reported by international print and digital media, Pakistan seems performing good in various dimensions. The best thing is most of them are reported by international media that criticizes almost every aspect of life in Pakistan. Looking at these good things, it wouldn't be wrong if we call this name the best month for Pakistan. Have a look at this list of 10 Good Things Happened this month (May) in Pakistan.

1. 6 Year old boy Becomes the the youngest Microsoft Certified Proffesional

2. Islamabad is Ranked 2nd in Most in Most Beautiful Capitals in the World

3. Pakistani Man are 3rd Most Handsome men of the World

4. Pakistani Ranked 4th on Global Intelligence Servay

5. Pakistan is Ranked 5th in Improving water & Sanitation Access

6. S&P Ratings improved for Pakistan

7. Pakistan Become first Asian side to hit 1000 sixes in Test Cricket 

8. Pakistan International Airline earns profit of 2.83 Billion in its first quarter of 2015

9. Eight (8) Pakistani's Won MP Seats in UK Election

10. GAWADAR PORT Largest Sea Port in Indian Ocean starts operation for Commercial Export

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