Banned Items in UAE

Avoid Bringing Banned Items into UAE

Prohibited Items:
Drugs, narcotics and chemicals have been strictly prohibited by the Government of United Arab Emirates.
Before entering into the UAE you are advised to take all precaution to confirm that you don’t have any substances in your luggage or any other thing you may carry.
There are many other drugs that will be count in Narcotics in which Heroin, Opiates, and Cannabis are banned.
Passengers from Pakistan, Afghanistan or India mostly bring NASWAR, GUTKA, Betel leaf or nuts which are also not allowed in the UAE.

While there are few things that can end your UAE Life, if you have caught with it.
Below are the Top Ten things that can turn you in a Black List person (Life Time Ban).

Top Ten Banned Items in United Arab Emirates:
1. Fake Passport.
2. Fake Visa.
3. Fake Emirates ID Card.
4. Fake Educational Certificates.
5. Pornographic Material.
6. Weapons or ammunition.
7. Religious or Non-Islamic notes for missionary activities.
8. Carbon-based fertilizers and Chemicals.
9. Banned Communication Devices, Laser pens, Radar Jammers.
10. All other objects which do not follow the religious or moral values of UAE.

Cigarettes and Alcohol for Non-Muslims
Only non-Muslim visitors/passengers are allowed to buy Cigarettes and Alcohol as per Dubai Customs Laws while coming through DXB Airport.
Do ensure before entering to Airport that you’re Luggage, medicines or any other Material does not contain a Restricted or Banned substance.

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